Addicted Eats – Barsa Taberna

When I’m going out for dinner, whether it’s a high end restaurant or something much more casual like most people I’m looking for amazing food, great drinks, attentive service, and a great location and aesthetic.

Now it goes without saying that when you go to a “hole in the wall” restaurant then you are probably just going for the great food, at a great price, but for everything else, these factors are always things that one considers when both deciding to go out but also in review after the fact.

Recently we made our way over to Barsa Taberna in Toronto to check out everything they had to offer. Suffice it to say, we were thrilled by what we saw! From the amazing space, which totally embodied the feel of a Spanish wine cellar mixed with a cozy underground hideaway, to the food that was vibrant and playful while still hearty and delicious, to the drinks that were tasty and perfectly mixed, this establishment brought all the important dining out elements to the table (pun intended).

Here is what Barsa Taberna is all about:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.00.59 PM

Our dinner included:

So if you are in Toronto, or visiting this great city, and your looking to indulge in some delicious Spanish cuisine, you may just want to drop in at Barsa Taberna.




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