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Have you ever taken a call or replied to a text while driving, even just to say, “I’ll call you back”? I know I’m guilty of that one. Despite the fact that we all know how dangerous distracted driving is, we all still do it. And now we all need to take responsiblity, and to take a stand against it. That’s where OneTap comes in.
AppColony, a Canadian owned and Calgary based company, has developed OneTap, a breakthrough new app for Android phones that they believe will stop distracted driving in its tracks. In their words, driving safely takes #JustOneTap.
Distracted driving — including texting, calling or emailing while behind the wheel—is one of the biggest public safety issues in Canada. recent studies show distracted driving contributes to 80 per cent of all car crashes from coast-to-coast. While distracted driving is a result of poor decision making,it’s exacerbated by the ever increasing capacity of smartphones and our addiction to staying connected. Since 2008, nearly every part of Canada has created new laws to restrict the use of handheld devices in vehicles—the primary cause of distracted driving. While these are great strides that have been made, they are unfortunately not enough to stop distracted driving altogether. And since the problem stems from technology, a technology solution just makes sense.
The solution to distracted driving should be as simple as turning off our smartphones when we get into the car. Sadly, most of us are just too attached to our phones and always find ourselves tempted to pick them up, despite the hazards. “We’re addicted to our phones – and that’s not going to change,” explains Ted Hellard, AppColony founder. “[We’ve] created OneTap to allow Canadians to drive without distractions while, through the power of technology, allowing them to stay connected to their friends, families, co-workers and clients.”
The Co-operators, as part of its ongoing commitment to making our communities safer, is encouraging Canadians to download OneTap and commit to distraction-free driving. “As an insurance company, we understand the urgent need for a new solution that reduces the incidence of distracted driving on Canadian roads,” adds Kathy Bardswick, President and CEO of The Co-operators. “OneTap can make a real difference in helping drivers stay focused on the road, while raising awareness of this very serious issue.”
OneTap is a revolutionary, free Android app, with iOS and French versions in development, which intelligently manages calls, texts and alerts so you can drive free from distractions, while relieving the anxiety associated with disconnecting for the duration of a trip of any length. Acting as your ‘personal assistant’ on the go, OneTap uses the built-in GPS on your phone to know when you’re in a vehicle and driving. Once you get going, OneTap is automatically enabled, blocking out pings, rings and other notifications that pull our attention away the road. When a text comes in, OneTap doesn’t just block the alert. Instead, its Auto-Reply function replies to calls and texts immediately, letting people know that you’re driving and when you expect to be finished. One2One™ urgent connect technology notifies you when there’s an urgent message, allowing you to pull over and safely respond. If someone is trying to reach you by calling your phone, the caller will immediately be routed through your vehicle’s Bluetooth system or to your voicemail where OneTapwill let them know you’re driving. Knowing that OneTap is responding on your behalf significantly relieves the nervous anxiety that all too often results in making a poor, dangerous decision. Once you’ve reached your destination, the app gives you a quick summary of all the incoming calls and messages you’ve missed so you can respond quickly.
OneTap also helps to create peace-of-mind by providing an optional enhanced real-time connection to the ones we love. When you connect to friends and family throughOneTap, you will be able to see where your loved ones are and if they are driving. There is no need to worry or wonder where your loved ones are or if they are safely on their way home – with #JustOneTap, you’ll know. Privacy settings within the app can be adjusted to ensure information is only shared with individuals selected by the user.
AppColony and its partners believe so passionately OneTap will help save lives, the app is being offered free to download for all Canadians.
For more information about OneTap, visit or Check out a demo of the app in action below as well, and do your part to make our streets safer.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly