Above & Beyond Acoustic show a night to remember

For many trance fans, the opportunity to see Above & Beyond play their Acoustic Tour in Toronto last week at Massey Hall was a once in a lifetime experience. With the release of their first acoustic album, and now with the anticipation of their second “We’re All We Need” Acoustic II, the event was a showcase of what’s to come for fans who are waiting to get their hands on the new tracks.

This show added a mandolin and ukulele to the already stacked orchestra of guitars, piano, strings, brass, and talented vocals. Joining the guys on tour were old favourites Zoë Johnston and Justine Suissa, as well as newcomers Natalie Holmes and Cobi who delivered track after track of stunning vocals. Cobi was standing in for the usual for classics such as “Sun & Moon”, sung by Richard Bedford, and the new big room anthem “Blue Sky Action”, sung by Alex Vargas.

Everyone in attendance was dressed to impress, and Massey Hall provided an excellent ambience for the evening. Solomen Grey warmed up the crowd with an absolutely hypnotic opening set. Their sound is hauntingly captivating, with vocals that will give you chills. It was the perfect lead-in for the evening, getting everyone in the mood for what was about to come.

When it was finally time for Above & Beyond to begin, the entire orchestra and vocalists began with a powerful rendition of “Hello” before going transitioning into a slowed-down version of “We’re All We Need”, sung by Zoë Johnston. Cobi got on the microphone for a perfectly sung “Blue Sky Action,” amping up the crowd and getting everyone singing along at the top of their lungs.

They snuck some old favourites in there, such as Ocean Lab’s “Satellite”, and Tony got on vocals to sing his own “Black Room Boy”. He absolutely rocked the house with the sound of the instruments and the incredible light show.

For the finale, they came back and played three songs from their first Acoustic album. Closing out the night with the best of the best, they played Ocean Lab’s “On A Good Day” before playing a stunning version of “Sun And Moon”, sung perfectly by Cobi. Finishing off the night, Zoë Johnston delivered a breathtaking version of “Good For Me” that brought many to tears and goosebumps to all. It was the perfect ending to an evening of rich, beautiful music.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

Contributor at Addicted
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Samie Durnford