A trip to the theatre with Book Club

It had been some time since my last trip to the theatre. But lucky for me, I chose the perfect production to welcome me back; Book Club  by Kristen Horner Da Silva.

Being a friend of the playwright has its privileges. I was lucky enough to attend a table reading of the script a few months earlier. Lighthearted, quirky and most of all funny, I was drawn to the play instantly, and couldn’t wait to see it in its full form. And just a couple of weeks ago, I got my wish.

Book Club is the story of Josh, an awkward young man who, in his search for love, stumbled into, you guessed it, a book club. Upon hearing of his new font of females, Josh’s friends, Hossler the newly heartbroken nerd, and Brad, the girl getting gym buff, insist on joining him at their next meeting. As you may guess, hijinks ensue, and it’s freakin hilarious. Between the unlikely, and still uncertain match of Julia, the type A, high strung lawyer who makes Brad go from buff to bumbling, the love forged by the force between the shy nerds Eileen and Hostler, and of course the hopeful yet realistic ending for our heroes Josh and Annie, Book Club is a romantic comedy that depicts the story of how two people stumbled on a path towards love.

A cast of believable and lovable characters and a humorous plot come together to make Book Club a great play. Da Silva, an accomplished actress, playwright, and comedian infused her own humor into Book Club, making it just sarcastic enough, just sweet enough and just realistic enough to make it perfectly enjoyable. I particularly loved Ryk Simpson in his double turn as Hossler and Annie’s insufferable fiance, two polar opposite characters, each played to hilarious perfection. The adorable nerd romance between Hossler and Eileen (played by Wendy Wall) was the epitome of cute, and it’s lovely to see an unconventional romance portrayed for not just comedic purposes. Speaking of unconventional, our unconventional (only by typical “Hollywood standards”) heroine Annie was the highlight of the show for me, and my girl crush on the hilarious Esther Chung cannot be contained. Annie is referred to multiple times as the coolest girl ever, and with Esther in the part, not only do I believe it, I’d love to share a bottle or three of wine with her while diagnosing each other’s love lives.

While Book Club may have finished its run at the Hamilton Theatre, we can hope that another savvy theatre will put the production on, or, if I have my wish, Da Silva will turn it into a TV series like I keep telling her she should. Either way, be sure to keep an eye out for more productions from this talented playright.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly