A special #MCM: 5 things you didn’t know about Dean Brody

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For this special edition of our usual #mancrushmonday interview, we decided to play things a little differently. After all, the best part of crushing on someone is learning things about them you didn’t know. So this monday, we decided to get to know one of our crushes a little bit better. Who’s that crush you ask? It’s country singer Dean Brody!

Before we get into what we didn’t know about Dean, let’s share another little fact.  According to a recent study on Music Consumption Habits (CMA, Canada, June 2016) more Canadians rank Country music as their genre of choice over any other (Country – 20%, Pop – 19%, Rock – 18%, R&B – 5%). Surprising right? And that brings us right back to Dean!

Often called the king of Country music in Canada, Dean has acquired more hardware than just that metaphorical crown. He’s won 13 CCMA’s and 2 JUNO awards, including Country Album of the year for his album Gypsy Road. Dean wins over the hearts and minds of his fans with his ability to tell stories to music, a quality that can be felt and heard in every song he’s ever written and performed.

His new album, Beautiful Freakshow, is both an eclectic celebration of life and a blend of genres, showcasing the many styles of music that Dean holds dear. The title track, “Beautiful Freakshow”, even features a rap vocal contribution by Halifax native, Shevy Price.  Released in late 2016, fans have new tunes to tide them over until Dean hits the road again to put on another string of dazzling shows.

Watch his latest video for the single “Time” here:

Now, let’s learn more about Dean below! 

  • If he wasn’t singing, his dream gig would be to play in the CFL. Growing up, the aspiring singer was a huge football fan who was captivated by the sport. Last year, he kicked off the CFL Grey Cup Game by performing at it, which was a huge moment for him.
  • His first job was in a sawmill. He worked at the mill for 10 years in British Columbia, where he grew up before landing a record deal.
  • He has had a frightening near death experience, when he was in a waterskiing accident several years ago. It left him with three titanium plates, 12 screws and wire mesh in his face.
  • His hidden secret talent is … juggling!
  • He has an avid interest in building things. He has a development company and loves home design.
  • He has a philanthropic side. He was so moved by the story of one young girl he met while travelling, that he set up The Dean Brody Foundation to physically help in the rescue and prevention of young girls being exploited in child prostitution and human trafficking in Brazil and around the world.

Sporty, daring, talented and generous: I know I’m crushing!

Keep up with Dean Brody on social media and through his website below.


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly