A Fuzz-free city with FUZZ Wax Bar!

When I first ventured back into the dating world, a very pressing question in my mind was, “So, what does everyone do with their junk? What’s become acceptable in the world of ladyparts grooming during the near decade I was shacked up?”

I still don’t honestly know for sure what the deal is — I think most reasonable people aren’t too picky, unless Hansel and Gretel need to leave crumbs down there to find their way back out — but the wax bar concept has taken flight.

The concept is simple: quick, convenient, efficient service. Let’s get real: how many of us really want to lay spread eagle under an operatory light while a stranger drizzles hot wax onto our bits? (Hey, to those of you who do, this might be more cost effective than the local dominatrix!)

I don’t need a spa experience when getting waxed: soothing renditions of Bryan Adams ballads as performed by ocean waves and soothing gulls as the hour-long soundtrack are not welcome. FUZZ gets it; we’re not all kept women with the luxury of lengthy mid-afternoon appointments to stay pretty. Most of us have jobs, friends, events, spouses, kids and homes to deal with, and while everyone enjoys a good pampering here and there, efficiency rules. (On the other hand, if you are fixing for some platonic pampering of your lady bits, stop in for a Vajacial! Seriously!)

FUZZ is a totally relaxed environment, which is pretty key, given the sensitive nature of their services. Even if you’ve never had the big B (Brazilian) before, the girls here know to get the job done quickly and with a few strokes as possible – meaning less pain. You can book online within a few seconds, and you’ll be out of there and on your way within 20 minutes, tops (well, that really depends on how many areas are being treated, but I speak from experience).

FUZZ also offers an array of products to help the stages of transition between appointments, including their own Skin Perfecting Scrub, formulated with another favorite Toronto company of mine, Consonant Skincare.

Another interesting component to FUZZ’s model is that they offer memberships suited to an array of needs.

– Are you like clockwork and need to go back in every 4 weeks? The $55/month Fuzz Fanatic membership gives you monthly hair removal from up to three areas.

– For $35, you can join up as a monthly Fuzz Faithful member, which gives ladies or fellas one service of choice per month, OR you can opt to be a Slow Grow 6-week cycle member, which means you can get any bikini wax during each billing period.

– Each membership comes with the perks of the $15/month Fuzz Fan membership, which include up to 50% off all wax services, 15% off all retail products, monthly perks on products and services, a free wax service during your birthday month and free trimming.

FUZZ currently has three locations in Toronto: Bloor St. (The Annex), Queen & Bathurst and Leslieville, should you be curious to test the hairless waters.

I’m not saying hairlessness is something we all need to aspire to. We all have enough to worry about in life without freaking out about a little bit of body hair. Adulthood is hard enough as it is, let’s not judge one other on our ‘dos down there. But, variety is the spice of life and it’s strangely liberating to start from scratch every now and then. Give it a whirl!

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