A Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Finding the right hobby and doing something useful with your free time is one of the best things in the world. However, this isn’t always the easiest thing in the world as well. With so many options out there and numerous ideas you could explore, making sure you’ve found a hobby that will satisfy all your needs is hard. That’s why you should stick to the simple requirements and find a hobby that’s great for your health, allows you to spend lots of time outside, and can boost your social life. Golfing is one of these hobbies and is, moreover, one of the most popular sports today, so it’s a win-win situation for all people regardless of the other interests in their lives. So, if you too want to get into golf, here’s a quick guide that will help you do that more easily and efficiently.


Discover the benefits

Most people believe that golfing is all about hitting a golf ball across a massive course and trying to find a hole as quickly as possible. While that may be true, it’s not all there is to golf. On the contrary, this sport comes with a number of benefits, from social and interpersonal to those that are related to your health. And if you’re thinking about starting to golf, understanding those benefits will help you fall in love with it even more.

For instance, there’s a huge connection between playing golf on a regular basis, on the one hand, and golfers’ physical and mental health, on the other. For instance, there’s a 2016 study published at the University of Edinburgh that examines these connections and emphasizes conclusions that will help you understand this game more than ever. Understanding its benefits is important for all people who are thinking about golf, so learning as much as you can about this issue will help you make your decision more easily.


Understand the terms

Even though there’s a “ball” you use and a “course” you move across, golf is quite different from all other sports out there. It has its distinct terminology and learning these terms before you actually start golfing is crucial. After all, you can’t be considered a serious golfer until you learn the difference between various clubs and other golf-related details.

Even though this might have been quite an issue back in the day, learning these things is more than easy in this day and age. Going online and consulting Google is the best way to go, and you’ll surely find a number of reliable sources that will help you understand golf terms. Alternatively, you could talk to an expert as well – professional golfers, coaches, and even a caddie will tell you all you need to know about golf and teach you how to find out even more info as you go along.


Get your gear

Once you’ve learned all the technical details and understood all the theories, it’s time to start golfing in real life and actually go to a course. Still, before you do that, there’s one more thing to take care of – you need some gear first! Most people think that golfing gear is too expensive for them and that they won’t be able to afford it, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

The best way to make sure your gear is perfect is by relying on experts. These people know more about golfing than you do, so trusting their opinion is always a good idea. You should also find a reliable supplier who you can buy all your gear from – doing this makes more sense than buying different things at different places and not staying consistent. That’s why you might want to check out the offer at cherrywoodgolfclub.com and see what their experts recommend. That way, you’ll find the best gloves, clubs, golf bags, shoes, and other golfing gear like golf grips more easily, and you’ll be ready to hit the course.


Learn the rules

Now that you’re all set up and ready to start golfing, there’s just one thing you need to do – actually learn the rules of the game! This might take a while, and you should probably do it before doing anything else, but it’s never too late to learn new things, or at least brush up on your golfing knowledge. You have to be absolutely sure you know what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to put the ball in the hole, so think about the rules asap.

Probably the easiest way to do that is to follow the office rulebook of any major golfing association. These have been written by professionals who know what has to be done and how you need to behave. These rules apply to everyone, regardless of their age, level of expertise or sex – even those golfing is infamous for its inconsistencies regarding female golfers and, especially, their earnings and pay gap – so you can’t ignore them. And, what’s even more important, you need to learn these rules long before you actually go to a golf course. Once you’re there, wearing your outfit and your shoes, people are going to expect you to know what you’re doing, so make sure you don’t disappoint them.


As mentioned above, golfing isn’t the easiest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s not the hardest either. It’s a great way to boost your health and spend more time in the open, but it’s also a precise and delicate sport, so you have to invest quite a lot of energy perfecting it.

Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff