8 Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Seo Company

Starting your own online business is almost always going to be a risky endeavour for the foreseeable future, however, it’s still one that has very many potential rewards. If you happen to be successful with your venture you can help set yourself up for financial freedom, set your own working hours as well as enjoy the kind of success most only dream about. Nevertheless, you’ll need to keep in mind that this journey is nowhere near an easy one. Along the way, there’s going to be plenty of work with both very many pitfalls as well as learning and even more ways to fail, but with dedication, hard work and a little talent you can make it. Let’s look at the 8 factors you need to consider before starting your own SEO company.


1. Deciding On Your Focus


Deciding on what your focus is going to be is perhaps one of the very first things that need to be considered before starting any business, whether SEO or not. It usually entails 2 interlocked decisions. Your industry is normally the first one while the second is the scale. Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to start generic SEO businesses that can cater to the needs of everyone in general. Sure, SEO based services are kind of all the same regardless of industry. But, picking a specific industry will give you the ability to concentrate on specific potential customers and communicate with them in a language they’ll understand. Choosing a specific industry will not only inform your branding strategy, but it will also inform your marketing and future content as well.


2. Figuring Out Your Audience


If “everyone” is your target audience, then we’re sorry to say this, but you might be in deep trouble. In today’s SEO world, you really require a clear-cut understanding of who exactly is or will be potentially interested in the services and products you intend to offer. Once you’ve got a little bit of an idea of who they are, what you’ll probably need to do next is figure out all their behaviours, particularly the ones in the online sphere. You’ll need to also figure out how they spend most of their time online as well as what websites they regularly visit. What this information will do is it will help you figure out the best places to link building.


3. Coming Up With Branding

Branding is often times quite a tricky thing to fully understand and is something that needs to be scrutinized in detail. Is it results you want to focus on? Are its services you want to focus on? Do you want the focus to be in the industry? Is it the geographic location you want to focus on? These are all questions that need to be considered, and if possible answer before you can consider starting up your own online SEO business. The best thing to do in this situation is to concentrate on something relevant to what your overall business focus is. If you aren’t offering specialised tools designed by you yourself or if you aren’t providing unique solutions you yourself have come up with then it might be difficult to do either service-focused or results focused branding.


4. Who’s Your Competition?


This is an area that many businesses normally tend to be a bit unrealistic about. If you’re a reseller of antique furniture you’re probably not in competition with IKEA or JC Penny. Consider business and geographic size factors. Once you have managed to narrow it all down to competitors revolving your specific niche is when you’ll get to know the way forward. Also, check out what they’re up to in the online sphere. Helpful tools such as Website Grader and Compete offer you some intel regarding the websites of your competitors as well as how they market and advertise themselves.


5. Deciding On The Services To Offer


Deciding on the services you want your SEO business to offer is another key thing you need to consider before bringing the company to life. Once you’ve gotten your focus and niche down, you should do some market research and check out what your competitors have going on as well as what they might be up to. This can also give you a slight idea of how much to charge for your services. Adam White from SEOJet explains in the article ‘How Much To Charge For SEO Services – Why You Must Charge More‘ that even if your client doesn’t have thousands of dollars a month to spend on SEO, you can and should still do quality work for them that will improve their rankings and help you to turn a profit.


6. What Conversion You’re Looking


SEO is largely what helps most people get traffic to their websites, however, the rest is really up to the site itself. Is conversion friendly something it happens to be? The first thing you need to start with when it comes to things of this nature is to figure out what your conversion metrics will look like. Do you intend on your visitors purchasing directly from your site? Do you want fill-out forms? Calls to your salespeople? You can have a well-optimized website, but if you don’t have any clear calls to action then the site will probably not perform as good as it should. The conversion rates you’re looking to achieve will in turn influence the keywords you’re targeting. And these, as you should know by now, are the essential building blocks of most if not all SEO campaigns in general.


7. Start-Up Costs


Start-up cost estimation is another one of the vital things you need to consider before launching your SEO business. You’ll have to have a small idea of how much both starting as well as running the company could potentially cost you if you want it to be successful. On the bright side, starting SEO businesses aren’t normally as costly as starting a traditional brick and mortar business. The online sphere has a low barrier of entry when it comes to price.


8. Technology


You can’t compromise with tech when it comes to starting an online SEO company, especially in today’s world. Things are always changing in this industry and at a fast rate at that. If you want to always keep one step ahead of the competition, then you’ll probably always have to keep yourself up to date with all the latest technologies in the market. Whether it’s the newest software or hardware, you’ll need to keep tabs on a little bit of everything if you want to stay at the top of your game.


All in all, when trying to give life to any new business or company you’ll most likely go through many hurdles and a lot of doors will be slammed shut in your face. However, if you have the right attitude and mindset then nothing can stop you. It all begins and ends with the mind. The sky’s the limit with most SEO companies and yours could easily be one of them as well. Just get your head in the game and start rolling with the punches. Hopefully, this article is just what you needed.



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