7 Trends in Betting

With the advent of new technologies and online betting sites, the life of bookies has become easier than ever before. There are now applications and software that can track and monitor date for the benefit of clients as well as the ability to track trends for a greater user experience. Here are seven betting-related trends that you might have missed. 


More Women are Participating in Sports Betting


Research shows that there’s an increasing number of female players in the world of sports betting, with the industry comprising almost 14% female bettors. The female portion of bettors tend to prefer online betting and studies show that women under the age of 30 are more aggressive with their betting strategy as they’re up to date with the latest sports and games. 


Digital Marketing Merges with the Betting Industry


The betting industry will be taking to social media as a marketing strategy that will draw more interest from potential gamblers and make them more aware of the offers and incentives available. The campaigns are intended to be more personalised and non-intrusive but could draw millions of new players to company sites. 


More Sports are Being Added for Betting


Many algorithm and policy restrictions place a limit on the number of sports available for online betting, but that trend has changed in 2019 and franchises will be able to expand their list of offerings with each season of sports, so players always have something new to bet on. If you were interested in horse racing, check out these racing cards to help you out that little bit more. 


An Increase in Debit and Credit Card Use


A prominent change for the betting industry is the increasing trend for debit and credit card use. In many physical sites, cash is the most popular form of payment but as markets drive more towards the adoption of credit and debit cards, systems and processes should become more efficient and streamlined. 


Tougher Market Conditions


There has been an increase in risk appetite in market participants, with many believing that the extra risk is worthwhile for the higher return, which wasn’t always the case. This trend could be an indication that bookmakers have become more combative and it has become harder to produce the same level of profit compared to before, so punters have become prepared to swallow the volatility in order to earn a profit. 


Trading Bots


Trading bots have taken over from manual sports trading and automated the sector, with the use of sophisticated trading algorithms that manual traders simply can’t match. The betting exchanges have been conquered by tech-savvy punters who can find value through automated means. 


US Deregulation


The US Supreme Court’s decision back in 2018 for state-wide legislation of online sports betting has been big news for European bookmakers and the industry on a broader scale. Online sports betting was previously only allowed in Nevada, but the changes are a positive development for punters who have newer opportunities overseas as well as in Europe. The changes will also shift the focus of bookmakers towards attracting new customers and less on restricting the winning ones.




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