7 DIY Car Customisations to Upgrade Your Ride

We all love our cars, and with so many makes and models on the market, there is something to suit individual tastes. While cars come with some pretty amazing features, including sleek paint jobs and futuristic interiors, there’s always that inner drive to add a unique touch to give it a signature style. This is where car customization comes into play. There are different types of car modifications you can opt for, from performance mods to body styling and paint jobs.

Unfortunately, most of these customizations can be extremely costly. However, if you’re looking for simple and affordable car modifications that allow you to add some really nice style and finishing touches to your car, DIY car customization is the way to go, a reliable electric ratchet should take care of most jobs. And the good news is, you have a world of possibilities to choose from.

Here are seven DIY car customizations to upgrade your ride:


Upgrade Your Car’s Interior Lighting

An often overlooked but super-fast DIY auto-upgrade, if you have trucks like Jeep, is its interior lighting. Personalized lighting adds style and some cool splashes of warm colour. Most trucks’ interiors are illuminated with halogen or incandescent bulbs in simple lenses. Fortunately, there are simple alternatives that you can use with the existing lighting sockets. A simple swap, like replacing your Jeep factory bulbs with LEDs, can make a huge difference.

You get to enjoy more intense lighting and can choose from a range of colours to match your interior. You can easily shop for interior LED light kits that come with all the bulbs you need for your specific car make and model in online stores or auto stores near you. You can either opt for interior mood lighting that pulsates in sync with your car’s music or goes for a continuous flow of colourful interior light that can be tucked into the seams of your dashboard padding.


Replace or Upgrade Your Lift Supports

It’s very easy for car owners to ignore that one ageing part that is not deemed necessary but can be convenient for everyday car use. If you’re having trouble controlling the movement of liftgates, like hoods, trunks, tailgates, and hatchbacks, it’s time you replaced or upgraded your lift supports. No matter what car model you have, it’s easy to find compatible gas struts, support connectors, and mounting brackets. These products come with simple installation guidelines.


Transform Your Car’s Dashboard


Mounting your iPhone on your car’s dashboard isn’t enough. A tablet that offers a bigger display like an iPad can open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to customising your driving experience through multiple connectivity options and driving apps. Instead of going for expensive in-dash units that are quite limited in functionality, this DIY car customisation option is a useful and economical alternative.

You can build a set of custom digital gauges, set up a rear view camera to be displayed on the iPad, or run apps that offer some great tips. Your dash-mounted iPad can even direct you to the cheapest filling stations and help you embrace fuel-efficient driving styles. Mounting a sleek iPad on your car’s dashboard with some great functionalities can even make your car feel more luxurious.


Cool But Sensible Decals

We all get to see some amazing car decals on car windows and ask ourselves how we can have a great decal of our own. Car decals are usually of high quality and are very affordable and weather resistant. Additionally, you can create them yourself, print them, and stick them on your car windows or body. Simply decide what you want to print, get yourself a printable vinyl, and get your work done at home. Cut the design carefully and apply it anywhere on your car for a personalised look and style. Make sure to spray fixative spray and varnish for long-lasting impact.


Give Your Taillights a New Look

We can all agree that your taillights are the least customised parts of your car. A set of classic 1959 Cadillac tail lights would definitely get noticed, but if that’s not your look, you have plenty of options to add style and flair to the rear end of your ride. You can choose from a variety of vintage-style or modern-look taillights. Options include black-out kits with dark hues, LED taillights that offer plug-and-play installation and sequential turn lights.


Go for Aftermarket Wheels for a Cool Look

There’s no better and faster way to dramatically change the look and style of a car than upgrading to a set of aftermarket wheels. While it might cost you a bit, its something you’ll be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Choosing wheels is also about individuality. Factory wheels come with some quite limited options when you want to change your car’s look. But aftermarket wheels offer countless options in bold colours and styles to set your ride apart from the rest.


Whether you rise a SUD, sedan, coupe, or truck, you can find the perfect set of alloy and chrome with just a few clicks. Stick to well-known brands that provide customers with comprehensive warranties and support. Don’t focus exclusively on appearance. Make sure that you’re buying the right wheel size, weight and fit for your car to ensure safe driving. If you ride on two wheels, getting yourself a new set of motorcycle wheels for your model is also a smart move.


Restore Your Headlights Back to Brilliance

Unlike years past, when headlights were made with glass lenses that maintained a clear appearance for years, nowadays most cars use plastic frames and lenses to cover costly bulbs. Unfortunately, due to daily exposure to the sun and continuous road grit, headlights often end up looking milky, yellowed, and even get scratched. Replacement is not usually an option as lenses can cost up to $300 each. You can restore your headlights back to brilliance with a simple restoration kit like the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit that will produce long-lasting and satisfying results. This way, you can upgrade the look of your car without spending too much.


Whichever DIY car customisation option you choose, each of these will improve the overall appeal of your car. Upgrade your ride by starting small, and take pride in your new look without overspending.

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