6 Tried and Tested Mascaras to Achieve that Lash Extension Look

With the recent quarantine and lockdowns taking place around the world, many people have had to do without services and treatments that were a regular part of their beauty routine.  Many things, like intricate nail extensions, chemical hair treatments and medical cosmetic procedures can be impossible to replicate at home on your own.  Thankfully, there are many quick products that can be easily brushed on, washed off, and can change and brighten a whole face, even in these dim pandemic times.

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Achieving lush extension like lashes is obviously best left to a professional, but when that’s not achievable, similar results can be obtained with a really great mascara.  So stop lamenting over your lack of lash extensions and try out one of these lashes in a tube, all tried and tested by yours truly for maximum lash capacity and pandemic look satisfaction.



Fenty Full Frontal Volume, Lift and Curl Mascara

We all knew when Fenty put out their mascara offering that it would be amazing, and it truly was.  Full Frontal is both this mascara’s name and its description: thanks to its innovative brush your lashes come out fuller with a lift and curl that makes it impossible to focus on anything else.  I apply the mascara by rolling the brush around so each side touches my lash as I glide from root to tip.  2 or three swipes to my top lashes in that manner, and one quick swipe to the bottom and I find I have a look that has rivaled some of the best lash extensions I’ve had, and it washes right off when I’m done.


YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

Easily the spendiest product on the list, I will forever swear by YSL’s Effet Faux Cils volumizing mascara as the best mascara on the market, if you’re looking for a true false lash effect.  It’s not a coincidence that the mascara’s name translates as such, because it truly delivers in the volume department.  Effet Faux Cils is decadent in every aspect, from the luxurious gold tube to the unmistakably French fragrance (yes, it’s perfume for your eyelashes).  It’s my ultimate cosmetic treat, and I savor it to the very end, only pulling it out for the most ostentatious makeup looks when no other mascara will do.  If you’ve got the extra bucks and need ad extra flex, get a tube of this and bat yourself into lash happiness.


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara

When I’m wishing for the YSL look but I’m on a Shoppers’ Drug Mart budget, my mainstay mascara is L’Oreal Voluminous.  It’s the ultimate in buildable volume  mascaras at a drugstore price.  You can buy it just about anywhere in the world, and with a bit of technique, you can achieve a beautiful, false lash look in a few sweeps of the wand.  I prefer the wand with the curved brush, which can help achieve a curled look without a lash curler.  Just sweet a couple of coats onto your lashes, making sure to coat the lashes thoroughly from root to tip.  When you reach the tips of your lashes, hold the brush back, towards your browbone, for a few moments.  When you release the brush your lashes should have a curled look with very little effort.


Blinq Amplified Mascara

In the “before times” I was in search of a mascara I could wear on a beach trip that could create the look and feel of lash extensions.  Basically, I wanted lashes that I could get weight without the risk of racoon eyes, that was comfortable and easy to remove.  The resounding recommendation was Blinc’s original lash tube mascara.  This product rose to fame when it launched because there was nothing else out there like it.  It claimed to be lash extensions in a tube, completely water and smudge proof, yet easy to remove.  I can tell you that I have tested all of these claims and they are true.  This mascara does exactly what it says: it coats your lashes in a tube, that does not rub or smudge off, unless you apply some pressure with warm water. Then you can literally wash your lashes down the drain.  After 10 years of development, Blinc now offers a volumizing version of its lash tubes, in its Amplified formula.  This stuff gives you lash extension looking lashes that you can wash off every night.  For someone with sensitive eyes, it’s a dream come true.  I highly recommend this product.



Maybelline Snapscara

If you’re looking for a tubing type mascara in a drugstore brand, look no further than Maybelline Snapscara.  Snapscara is a great every day mascara, both for the look it gives and its ease of removal.  This product gives you beautiful, light, feathery lashes that don’t smudge if you get them wet, so they’re great for a beach vacation or pool day.  What I loved most about this mascara however, was how easy it was to remove.  Just some water and a few swipes of your fingers, and your eyes are back to their natural state, with no stinging or discomfort whatsoever.  It’s very easy on my sensitive eyes, and is the product I reach for when I know I only have a second to give myself a little cosmetic boost.



Pretty Vulgar Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara

Another contender in the battle for buxom lashes, Pretty Vulgar’s volumzing mascara was one of the most lush products I’ve ever tried.  I was able to achieve incredible volume for both sets of lashes with only one swipe from the tube.  The combination of the brush and product separated and coated each and every lash, fanning them out for a real doll eyed look.   The mascara isn’t dry or flakey either, making it super comfortable to wear while you’re batting your lashes in each and every Zoom call.  It’s definitely a great one to try if you’re missing your bold volume lash sets from prepandemic life.



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Nadia Elkharadly

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