6 Tips to help you find financial security and success in 2020

*Financial Expert Samantha Brookes shares her tips and tricks to financial  success with us as we move into a new year

You know what they say “a goal without a plan is merely a wish!”  Are you shook 2019 is over? I know I am! To be honest, the thought of planning an entire year in a few weeks as to where I want to be a year from now can be stressful.


A clear direction of  how you will get from A to Z will require a well executed road map to success.  Just keep in mind visions aren’t limited to the end of the year and you can start your vision and success planning anytime you feel it’s necessary.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on your journey!

Be a Dreamer

First things first, start with the end in mind.  Where do you see yourself? What does the big picture look like in your visions? Remember everything you do has to be intentional so when you’re dreaming, dream BIG! We don’t have small dreams over here!  Why – because when you dream small the results are small. Always keep that in mind when building your path to success.


Next, reflect on the last year.  What were your activities? What actions did you take that gave you great success. Can you duplicate those activities in other areas of your business or in your home life? Where did you fail and what can you learn and take away from those failures? Is there anything you can do to ensure you avoid making the same mistakes twice? Remember we have to be able to measure results off of the goals we had in place. If we are not reflecting on the past, we could be missing something.  Sometimes we have regrets other times we feel a sense of peace. Just know reflection will give you a sense of self-appreciation and gratitude and will help you re-discover things about yourself you had forgotten.

Know Where You Stand

Know where you are today and start building from here.  It’s important to your current status financially, emotionally, operationally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. It is imperative to know exactly where you stand because you are going to have to get organized to build your road map. You won’t know how to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are right now.

Bullseye Targeting

A business can be extremely  efficient when they know exactly who they are targeting.  Imagine serving an underserved market with the most amazing service or product. You could dominate that segment of the market and spend less than your competitors but this will take some serious planning.  Good news is once this part of the success planning is complete, the rest of your business planning will fall into place.

Plan B

Let’s just say you’ve worked on all your planning. You did all the research. You’ve invested money into your business and your business seems to have hit a roadblock. You’ve tried everything to the best of your ability and nothing seems to work. What’s your next step?  Do you have a Plan B? What does Plan B look like? If your business has taken a change in direction are you ready for the detour? Always keep in mind sometimes our brilliant planning was as brilliant as we may have first thought. Be ready to weather the storm and get your what-ifs list in place. There is always a better solution if you try hard enough.


Be sure to celebrate whenever you have great success. Have gratitude and be flexible. Your success planning is a living document so be good to yourself and adapt accordingly to make the plan work!

Remember, businesses don’t grow overnight in comparison, “the best time to have planted a seed was 20 years ago.” ~ Chinese Proverbs


Samantha Brookes is the CEO and Founder Mortgages of Canada, one of the fastest growing and most reliable mortgage brokerages in the country. With more than 16 years of experience with home purchases, refinancing customer mortgages, consolidating home owner debt and providing home equity loans, Samantha shares her financial knowledge with ADDICTED readers.  Check out her website here for more information on her work..



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