6 Pre-wedding Tasks The Groom Can Take On

Wedding planning is a long process and every detail is important as the next. While some people leave this entire process to wedding planners, others take pride in doing everything themselves. Even though brides love to be in charge of everything, grooms can also take part in pre-wedding tasks. Here’s a list of tasks grooms can take on.


Finalise his guest list 

The number of guests invited to a wedding depends on the budget and venue size. But, there are also other factors to take in to consideration. The groom’s parents will have a list of their invitees so a groom has to include them to his list. Then, he has to decide on the list of his friends and other family members.

Once the list has been finalised, he should consult with the bride and consolidate the guest list. RSVPs are always mandatory but it’s the groom’s task to follow up on those who don’t respond to the invitation and confirm. One you follow up on RSVPs you’ll probably have some empty seats you can easily fill by inviting the guests on the B list.


Take on wedding rehearsal planning

The wedding rehearsal dinner is your opportunity to relax before the big day. Following the wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner lets you sit down with those closest to you who you may otherwise not have a chance to spend time with during your actual wedding. Grooms can take on the entire planning process, taking one more thing off the bride’s to do list. 


Select the entertainment

The type of music can make or break the entire wedding ceremony. The bride and groom can agree on the type of entertainment they want and then the groom can take over. The groom should be responsible for finding the right band or a DJ for the wedding. 

If your budget allows it you can have both because they can easily complement each other. Choosing a  live wedding band can make the entire ceremony unique and make your big day memorable. A DJ can fill in during the breaks and your guests won’t get a chance to stop dancing.


Make sure the venue decoration goes as planned

Another task on the groom’s wedding planning checklist is the venue. Once you’ve chosen the venue with the bride, you also have to make sure the venue decoration goes as planned. Before the big day, stop by the venue and go through every agreed detail. Next, call up the florist and go through your order. The decoration is important so you need to make sure every wish will come true.

Next, check with the caterer, go through your order and confirm that everything is going as planned. Lastly, make sure there is enough booze for the entire evening. 


Plan the honeymoon

The honeymoon destination can either be a surprise or a joint decision. Either way, this is yet another thing the groom should be responsible for. Make sure you start planning this a lot before the big date so you’ll find the best option for your budget. 

Familiarise yourself with the location and try to plan a travel itinerary, make sure you make a list of things you must do once you get there. Even though it will surely be a memorable trip because it marks the start of your life as spouses, planning a few activities won’t do you any harm. Your wife will love this gesture.


Make yourself wedding-ready

Pick a nice suit that fits. Make sure your groomsmen are properly dressed too. As a nice thank you, you can get gifts for groomsmen from Groomsmen Gifts Mart. Get a haircut in time to avoid any stress. Shave or trim your beard so you’ll look nice and polished. Make sure the rings are ready and rehearse your wedding vows a few times before the big day.


By taking part in the entire wedding planning process you will make sure everything goes as you want it to go. Above all, you will step up as a husband and prove that you can take on any feat.

Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

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