6 of the Most Beautiful & Romantic Wedding Destinations in the World

When you dream of your perfect wedding, where does it happen? Picking the right location for your special day is the most difficult decision you are going to face during wedding plans. It needs to be just the right blend of romance and intimacy, while also giving your photographs a majestic and epic backdrop. If you’re searching for inspiration, there’s no better place to look.


1. Have a getaway on Guana Island

If you like long walks on the beach and romantic weddings, consider enjoying both of these activities on one of the most beautiful islands of the British Virgin Islands. Get away from it all and enjoy the white, sandy beaches that grace this part of the Caribbean Bay.
It’s a far cry from the many popular and busy wedding destinations you can choose on the mainland. The island accommodates about thirty people at a time, which means your wedding invitations would be reserved only for your closest and most intimate friends.
The wedding itself wouldn’t be the only attraction here, either. The island features pure and untouched nature as you’ve never seen before. It’s perfect for those who would like to have a stress-free environment on their special day.


2. Fall for the French countryside

France is a very popular destination for romantic dream weddings. Paris isn’t called the “city of love” for no reason. However, take a step outside this metropolis and you’re going to encounter romance on a whole other level.

The south of France is a different kind of beautiful. You’re never far from perfect cobblestoned lanes and charming villages that are surrounded by lavender fields. If you’ve ever wanted inspiration from a region, southern France is what you should set your sights on. Even the likes of Picasso and Van Gogh were enamoured with provincial France and its many attractions.


3. Take your love to Tuscany

What better place to have your wedding than in the heart of Italy? There are few destinations in the world that are so rich in culture, history, and most importantly – romance. The capital city of Tuscany is Florence, a place that is home to more art and culture than you could find almost anywhere else in the world. It’s a wonderful crossroads of beauty and history that keeps people coming back.

Outside of Florence, you can find the rolling hills of Tuscany. Here you will find gorgeous vineyards and villages that are quaint and peaceful. You can get married next to pieces of architecture that are older than most countries while enjoying some of the high-quality wine that the local villages and vineyards produce.


4. Have a scenic view at Uluru

If you have a flair for the dramatic, you should consider having your wedding in the very heart of the Australian outback. The majestic Uluru provides the perfect backdrop for any kind of wedding photos. You can combine your love of history and culture with a part of your own personal history.

There are lots of resorts close to Uluru that can host your wedding, so you aren’t left at the mercy of the outback. Imagine exchanging vows on a dune top while the blazing colours of Uluru shine through the dusk.


5. Walk along the beaches of Bali

There are very few wedding destinations that can compare to the luxury and beauty of Bali. This wonderful Indonesian island is considered one of the more romantic spots that you can find anywhere. There’s something for every kind of taste.

The beachfronts are famous for their sparkling, clean water and you can walk through lush jungles filled with unique flora and fauna not too far from the populated areas.

From the clifftop of an affordable Karang villa Balli, you can enjoy looking at one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. When you visit Bali, gorgeous views aren’t at all a rare occurrence.


6. Bask in the sun at Palm Springs

Southern California is home to many sights that are worth seeing. One of them is the sun-soaked oasis of Palm Springs. It’s a playground for some of the most famous A-list Hollywood stars out there. If you want some star appeal, this is the place to go.

If you enjoy clear skies and sunny weather, there’s no better place to have your wedding. It boasts a whopping three hundred and fifty days of sunshine per year, which means you don’t have to worry about rain on your special day. You can sip martinis while enjoying your own personal day of stardom in Palm Springs.



Deciding where to have your most treasured of days is a nerve-wracking ordeal. You want the very best choice for your wedding and anything less would be considered a travesty. Luckily, there’s no shortage of places around the world that will make you feel like you’re taking part in a wedding straight from a fairy tale.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

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