6 Innovative Sleep Solutions

Having trouble sleeping? Well, you may not be alone.

In a 2011 sleep study by the National Sleep Foundation (USA), about two-thirds (63%) of Americans say their sleep needs were not being met during the week, and thus they, like most of us are probably open to a new sleep solution to help get the rest we so desperately.

So we thought we would find some innovative solutions that might just be able to help you get a better, longer more restful night of sleep. Here they are;

iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy Machine

Gadget-induced sleep is also another exciting advancement! For its part, the Zenergy sleep therapy machine from iHome promotes healthier sleep cycles by utilizing proven sound and light therapy techniques creating a calming environment for sleep, or an energizing atmosphere for waking. Endorsed by Dr. Michael Breus, aka “The Sleep Doctor”, Zenergy leaves you feeling more energized during the day by providing a quality night of rest. Its sound therapy features 10 different audio tracks with specially engineered sound that cancels out distracting noises and alleviates racing minds. Its light therapy has 3 specially designed sleep lighting programs to help align circadian rhythms, our internal clocks, by simulating the changing wavelengths of light throughout the day that naturally govern it. The multi-purpose Zenergy is also a clock radio with Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, dual alarms, sleep timers and a USB charging port. Try this device to sleep restfully and wake energized.

Nolah’s Advanced AirFoam Bed-in-a-Box

Spring is all about renewal and to achieve that you certainly need a good night’s sleep. One way to achieve that is with Nolah’s highly advanced AirFoam bed-in-a-box. To create tomorrow’s mattress Nolah learned from the past and saw that both Latex and Memory Foam are outdated materials inferior to today’s most advanced foam technology. Being a technology driven company, it was essential for Nolah to use leading-edge tech to make a superior and better mattress. The result, after testing hundreds of foam formulations and mattress constructions, is the flagship Nolah AirFoam Mattress.  This marvelous mattress is 100% temperature neutral, since it doesn’t contain Viscoelastic chemicals as Memory Foam does. Therefore, it reportedly sleeps cooler than any other Memory Foam mattress on the market, with or without cooling gel. Performance tests also showed four times less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hip and back areas as compared with traditional Memory Foam mattresses. The founding team is the award-winning serial entrepreneurs and inventors of the first-ever washable silk filling for comforters and pillows called SilkFX, Anna Hjoellund and Daniel Galle. Combined, they have close to 20-years of experience designing some of the world’s best sleeping products. Also cause-conscious, for every mattress sold Nolah will adopt an endangered American wildlife through their wildlife conservation partner, Defenders of Wildlife. Customers can choose from more than 20 endangered animals like bald eagles, snowy owls and dolphins, and are then sent an official wildlife adoption certificate as proof that their contribution helped protect American wildlife.

Snore Report App

Evaluate how you sleep to find solutions to stop your snoring with the Snore Report app, which monitors your snoring while you sleep and provides you with a full assessment when you wake up. With it, you can discover new insights on what causes your snoring and how to address it. It give you detailed analysis: Use audio playback to listen to nightly recordings and view other statistics about how well you slept. Track your progress using your Snore Scores, a measure of the severity and intensity of your snoring, to identify any trends when determining the effectiveness of any remedies or factors that you may be using. You can also compare your results. Use the app to measure how severe your snoring is to the general population. Snore Report will use your Snore Score to evaluate your snoring intensity in a distribution of snorers. It also provides customized solutions. Users receive recommendations appropriate to your own needs to improve your Snore Score. Personalized suggestions offer advice on new techniques and remedies that have worked well for users similar to you. Start getting a better night’s rest using this app—purportedly the most reliable snoring management solution available.

Beauty Sleep Botanical Oil Mist

Sleeping well is certainly one of life’s luxuries. Does your Mom crave a good night’s rest? If so, consider gifting her with the Beauty Sleep Botanical Oil Mist from Skinn Cosmetics. This spray mist is formulated with Lavender, Valerian, Chamomile, and Passionflower Oil to help soothe the senses, hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness. She can just spray this calming and soothing botanical mist on her face, pillow and hair to help enhance a restful night of beauty sleep. This item is part of Skinn Cosmetics’ “Midnight Recovery” anti-aging designed to treat dry, polluted and tired skin. This mist just may become an important part of her night time regimen.

Youtheory Sleep Powder Supplement


Youtheory Sleep Nighttime Powder was developed to help today’s modern society sleep well and wake up feeling more refreshed. This great-tasting lemon-lime flavored drink mix offers the possibility of quicker, deeper and more refreshing sleep. The formula is a combination of calming magnesium and relaxing amino acids to help quiet the mind before sleep. This supplement also supplies 0.3 milligrams of melatonin, which is a “physiological dose” that replicates the amount normally produced by the body each night. “Our goal was to develop a new strategy for sleep using amino acids,” said Dr. Nick Bitz, Chief Scientific Officer for Youtheory. “Sleep Nighttime Powder combines some of the most well-researched and effective ingredients for sleep, while introducing a novel ingredient that has quickly become my favorite sleep aid: L-Glycine.”  Find this item online at Walgreens.com.


SoundBub by WavHello

SoundBub by WavHello is a Bluetooth enabled portable speaker and soother that serves as a valuable sleep tool for babies. Simply push on the device’s “bellybutton” to activate white noise. The product features a soft, padded fabric cover made of chew-safe material, and it can be hooked right onto a crib or car seat. It’s lightweight, incredibly portable, fits easily into a purse or diaper bag and can be a lifesaver for calming baby and luring them to sleep while on-the-go. For older kids, it can be used to listen to their favorite music and it also connects directly to WavHello’s free VoiceShare mobile app, allowing anyone you love to record messages or songs for your little one…and each other. This app actually will be relaunching on Mother’s Day this year. Parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters can record themselves singing a lullaby, reading favorite books and more. Then the kids can listen to the content on the SoundBub, which is incredibly convenient to use while out and about, like at the beach or in the park. With this nifty gadget, everywhere can sound like home.


There you have it, the latest in sleep solutions to help all of us have a more restful, comfortable, and refreshing sleep.



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