5 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have In Los Angeles

Every city in the Americas has unique experiences that are hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. Los Angeles is no different, with plenty of incredible events and attractions that make the place truly special.

If you’re thinking about setting yourself up here, it’s these experiences that may convince you to go for it. After all, they’re what set LA apart from everywhere else, so if they’re to your liking, you’ve got to be here to enjoy them.

Photo by Roberto Nickson


See Where It All Began

Something you’ll never find outside of LA is the place that gives the city its beginnings. El Pueblo de Los Angeles is where everything started after settlers travelled over a thousand miles in the 1700s to set up a farming community. Their challenging journey from Mexico was well worth the effort because we wouldn’t have the historic city that we celebrate today without it.

There’s so much to explore around this region of LA. Information can be found on the El Pueblo website. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the food, the sights, the history, or something else, this spot is the go-to place for anyone eager to learn more about Los Angeles. There’s nowhere better to discover it all.


Discover Something Spooky

LA might seem quite a glamorous city, but it has its spookier moments too. You can find these in places like Griffith Park Zoo, a destination that hasn’t served its original purpose in over 50 years. The site closed down in the ‘60s when the Los Angeles Zoo opened, and nothing’s been done with it ever since. Although it’s featured in several films and TV projects – as have most LA locations – the ruins are mostly just there for visitors to explore and marvel.

Something else that people may find to be a hauntingly good time is the outdoor movies hosted by Cinespia. Held in a cemetery of all places, this experience gives a whole new atmosphere to the big screen’s films. If you’re totally at ease spending time around graves, this is something that may well appeal to you.


Sink Into The Music Scene

Like most cities in the Americas, LA has it’s own thriving music scene which you won’t find anywhere else. While various elements may be found in other parts of the country and the wider world, you’re unlikely to find this specific combination outside of Los Angeles.

With such a wide variety of styles, all melded together here; it’s hard not to get hooked on some of the sounds you encounter. If you’re musically-inclined and find the LA rhythms’ beat to be incredibly inspirational, you may even feel like adding your hooks to the mix. Luckily for you, several Los Angeles recording studios open 24/7 and are available for you to make your mark on.

Offering studios with all the space and equipment you could need to make fantastic music, Pirate has you covered. It’s not just here. You can make use of their vocal booths and DJ setups, either. With over 700 studios for various recording purposes worldwide, you can pretty much lay down what you need to no matter where you are.


Question What’s Authentic

You can find museums for almost anything these days, and LA seems to be home to one of the most peculiar we’ve ever seen.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a place that’s hard to describe because even those who visit the establishment aren’t entirely sure what they’re seeing. Referred to by one critic as a “museum about museums,” the exhibits leave many people wondering what is authentic and what isn’t. It features one of the most bizarre collections of any museum, but that’s what makes the place so charming. There’s genuinely nothing else like it.


Find Unexpected Exercise

Los Angeles isn’t generally thought of as a fitness enthusiast’s paradise. However, it does offer plenty of great ways to exercise, including something truly unconventional.

It seems the city is home to some 400+ hidden staircases that could get you fit in no time if you ran up and down all of them. Hidden doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all obscured from view. However, many of them are overlooked or unknown to people, so they add a little something special to that person’s walk when they’re discovered.

You can find some of the LA’s best hidden stairs here, but if it’s an adventure you’re after, why not just explore the city and see what you uncover on your travels?


No matter where you set yourself up, you’re going to find unique experiences that will delight and surprise you. It’s what makes each destination so unique, just as LA proves.



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