5 tips to get an aspiring author noticed by a publisher 

Guest writer Felicia Pizzonia is a lifestyle author and publisher.  She is a partner in Ultimate Publishing House (UPH), and has helped thousands of people publish their own books.  Felicia hosts seminars on goal setting and book publishing, and presents her signature talk entitled “Mind Candy – How to program the subconscious mind to achieve any goal.” She also conducts workshops, and is known for “Write Your Way to Profits,” which reveals how to get your book complete in eight weeks and how to use a book as the ultimate marketing tool.  She’s sharing her expertise with us and any aspiring writers out there.

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Have you finished your book manuscript and are wondering now what? This happens more times than you think. Like any great product or brand, as an author you need to have a definite plan in place. One that will help you attract or find the right team, with the right marketing strategy, using the right tools. Here are 5 tips to get an aspiring author noticed by a publisher.


  • Determine your genre or category of work.This ensures that as an author your work will have a place in the world of literature, and has been created with a purpose. Whether you choose fiction or non-fiction, it is important that the book is a catalyst to multiple streams of income. Think back to J.K Rowling’s fantasy series, Harry Potter, and Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book, the Secret. Both of these books had the ability to create multiple income streams including, merchandise, dolls, and keychains.


  • Marketability: Are you filling a gap in the market? Your work maybe be similar to something already published, it’s inevitable, but what you need to ask yourself is, what is making your work stand out from the rest? Maybe it’s your writing style, the underlying message, or the strategic plot and character development you have created.  Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki are books that filled a gap in the market of self-help.


  • Finding the appropriate agents or publishers for your work is imperative to ensure your work is being given the right exposure, to the right audience. The key to finding the team to help you do this is to perform focused research. This can be done through locating an agent using, the Association of Canadian Publishers or AAR Association of Authors’ Representatives in New York, and even submitting your manuscript to Ultimate Publishing House, a medium sized publishing house located in Toronto, Canada and Houston, Texas.


  • Promoting your work through the use of social media is the ultimate tool to build your tribe. It’s imperative to post daily across all social media platforms- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and including key words and phrases to promote your literary work. Living in the world of modern technology, you have the necessary tools to market your brand right at your fingertips, with little to no costs involved. Be consistent with your online presence and following influencers, publishing agents and publishing houses to maximize your exposure.


  • Aesthetics are important. Create a killer title, subtitle and book cover design! You want to make a great first impression as this is the first thing that is seen when you pick up a book, and sometimes the very thing that makes you place the book back down. All of UPH – Ultimate Publishing House’s authors, including, Strong Mind Lean Body by Tony Greco have unique titles and book cover designs, as this is truly one of the most important factors to your books success.


Always remember, the path to success is unique to each individual, but completely achievable by all.


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