5 Tips for the perfect concert experience

As we head into warmer weather one thing is for sure, concert season has already kicked off, and this year it started with a bang.

This past week, my bestie and fellow Addict, Nadia and I, started our concert season with Rihanna’s amazing show in Toronto. The show was of course action packed and Rihanna in her regular style seemed to be having just as much fun as we all were, and what better way than to spend your night with your best friend, at a great show, in the city you love? Thanks, of course, to American Express Invites for getting me the access to secure presale tickets to one of the hottest shows in city this spring!


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From Taste of Toronto to Florence and the Machine, to A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder, there really is something for everyone, but what really makes the perfect night out, besides getting the heads up on the best events?

Well after attending over 150 shows, here is what we think are the top 5 tips for the perfect concert experience.


1. Go with someone of similar musical taste.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a concert, or especially a music festival and the person or people I’m with want to see totally different band than the ones I do, or they’re more interested in being on their phone, or in the worst case, finding out they just came along for the ride and have no interest in the show at all. Boring.

This is why Nadia and I work so well together, aside from being best friends, we always have fun, and try and enjoy every moment together.  So when we went to see Rihanna last week, we dove right in, danced a little, sang a bit, and as always, had an amazing night.


2. Keep Hydrated


I know I might sound like a dad right now, which I am not. You should always drink lots of water before the show, and make sure you have water during and after. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone pass out or not look too well at a concert and that’s usually because they aren’t hydrated. Nowadays, Nadia and I have this down to a science…exhibit A, the giant jug of water we had in the car.


3. Dress for the day


If you are going to a large venue like the Air Canada Centre, it’s pretty simple, you’re indoors, which mean it’s usually cool when you get there and crazy hot when you leave, so dress in layers. This same rule applies to festivals or outdoor shows with an add-on, the rain coat. With layers, you can stay dry and warm if you need to, or be cool and enjoy the weather or ambiance.


4. Wear proper shoes


If I had a nickel for every time I saw broken sandals, girls hobbling around on stilettos, or my fave – people walking around in bare feet, I would be rich. I can’t stress this enough. You should always wear comfy shoes for an indoor concert. If you’re going to an outdoor festival, it’s probably better to wear boots. Honestly, I’m telling you this as I don’t want you to be the barefoot concert goer who looks like they have lost their dog. I want you to have a great time, and as Nadia and I can attest to (for both this and the previous point), the right clothing and footwear means that you’ll be comfortable and be able to focus on what matters – the music, and most of all, having fun!


5. Just let go


My last tip has nothing to do with what you wear, or making sure you’re feeling great. It all comes down to just having fun. As I look back over all the concerts I’ve seen over the years, from the Rolling Stones to Garbage, Lady Gaga to Journey, Lauryn Hill to Rihanna, one thing remains the same, when I go, I really go. Put your phone away, dive into the music, dance, sing, and let loose. These are the moments you will remember most when you let all the other thoughts in your life disappear for those few hours and embrace the excitement, the awe, and a beautiful shared moment with thousands that also share your love of the same artist.


So whether you’re a heavy metal fan, Top 40 lover, or are one of the few that search out the unknown, make sure you follow these tips, but most of all have fun, because those are the moments you will always remember!

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