5 Tips for Matching a Watch with Your Outfit

One of the favourite fashion details men love are definitely watches, especially since it is one of the few pieces of jewellery or accessories they normally wear. They are timeless, appropriate for any occasion, and can transform and style up any outfit. However, sometimes many people have trouble matching their watches to the look they are going for, which is why we are here to help and inspire.


Classy and elegant

There is nothing that better completes a formal suited look than a good men’s watch. A timeless classic in this section would be a leather strap watch in black, or brown, with a basic, medium-size watch. Golden details are trendy, so why not choose this combination. As far as the design goes, for an elegant look, choose the ones that have a smaller, less obvious crown, and have a less detailed case. If you like this style, you can further search for watches online store, and choose depending on the occasion you need it for. 

Make sure you combine black with black or grey suits, and brown watches with navy, which is a very trendy combination, or again with grey. The other luxury option is vintage watches, which are more classic. A brown leather band, with some detailing with a simple off-white case, is a universal option. They are mostly styled with the same outfits as any other elegant watch, with the exception that they should be smaller, and subtler since you should let them do the talking.



Men enjoy outdoor activities and being on the go. This is why they often need a wristwatch to match the outfit. A bulky, polymer, or rubber watch will be the best choice for most activities. You should look for big numerals and hands for easier use. If you like chunky watches, camo print, and bold colours like red, orange, or green, definitely go for it, because they will go great with tracksuits, running shoes, puffy jacket, and even ski suits, and your favourite swimming shorts if the watch is waterproof. If you don’t like the classic all-rubber watches, and you want it to be dressier, you can choose a rubber band, but a steel case.


Casual, everyday 

The biggest choice of watches is if you need them for everyday use. You can mix styles and designs according to your outfits. One trendy option is a diver watch in navy-blue/gold combo. They are stylish, and classy, which means that you can wear them with dark wash jeans, a basic t-shirt and a blazer, for a more fashionable look. If you want it to be more casual, cropped trousers with a simple blouse or even a turtleneck will look great. A silver or black metal watch is another classic piece that goes with multiple outfits and fits everyone’s style. The benefit is that you can also wear them with formal outfits and suits, as well as with jeans, pants, sweaters, and any type of jacket.


Unique men’s watches

If you have your own personal style that is unique, and you are looking for a watch to fit that style, you can look for special designs like details in the case such as solar system replicas, hands in the shape of swords, or even artistic designs. They will go great with the hipster style, sweaters, striped shirts, hats, cuffed trousers, and trainers, or even fancier shoes and boots. You can choose minimalistic designs with not many details like the watches that don’t have hands at all, or that look like they are melting, or opt for more elaborate ones with many green, red, and golden details which are trendy colours this season.


What not to do

Since we have elaborated a bit on how you can match the watch to an outfit, here are some common mistakes to avoid. Don’t wear true sports watches with anything other than activewear, because you will style down your outfit. Make sure you choose the right size because big, chunky, and detailed watches don’t go well with suits and formalwear, so leave them for more casual looks. 

Remember to colour-coordinate a watch to your outfit. Silver watches will go good with most outfits, except for brown, but navy blue or gold will work there. Avoid black watches with brown, and navy-blue clothes, but do wear brown watches with that look. And one more thing, in the era of technology, smartwatches are pretty popular, but don’t mistake them for a real watch and wear them to every occasion as a part of your outfit, because the same rules apply as to a sports watch.

Since watches are the basic piece of men’s accessory, you should learn how to style it the right way because it can make or break a certain outfit. Follow these tips and apply them to your style, to always look trendy and well-matched.

Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff