5 Tips for Hassle-free summer travel

When it comes to travel, I’ve learned from experience it pays to be organized and have a backup plan, as you never really know what to expect while adventuring around the world.

We know to make sure to have different forms of payment, to keep your passport in a very safe place, but when it comes to everything else, what are the best options to save time, money, and the headaches that can come along with planning a trip?

Fear not, as we have our list of 5 tips for hassle-free summer travel. From saving you money to keeping you organized, securing your home to keeping your backup plans in check, our list will have you traveling with the greatest of ease this summer.

Use flight booking tools to help you save money on pricey holiday travel

Flight prices seem to be at an all-time high, particularly during busy holiday weekends. Hopper, an app that monitors flight prices for your travel dates and suggests the best time to book by notifying you when prices are expected to or have gone up or down, helps ensure that you can afford to get to your destination and also enjoy it.

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Organize your travel documents so they’re easily accessible

With so many confirmations to keep track of while traveling, much too often travelers end up losing important documents like airline tickets and hotel reservations. Some apps pull this info into a third-party app, but wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone also had smart email that allows you to seamlessly see your email as well as important travel information within your Mailbox? Alto Mail’s AI does just this. It proactively scans your email to sort your mail into folders that make sense and are easy to access; Travel, Shopping, Finance, Personal, Photos and more. Alto does the organizing, leaving you more time to actually enjoy yourself.

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Use a smart solution to secure your home while you’re away

DIY home security systems like Piper allow you to check in on your home from your smartphone from anywhere, anytime. This means you rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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Familiarize yourself with last minute booking services in case of emergencies

You did everything right, but it turns out that your room, flight or car was overbooked. Luckily, apps like HotelTonight let you book unsold hotel rooms at discounted rates the day of check-in, and Roomer, a service that sells your unused hotel reservation for you, help insure you don’t get stuck out in the cold.

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Keep communication clear during international holiday

Jetsetting to Paris for the weekend sounds like a dream, but getting around when you don’t speak the language can turn your trip into a nightmare. That’s where the Google Translate app comes in. By simply speaking into the app, you’re presented with either an automatic audio or written translation of your message to help avoid any miscommunication.

There you have it. The tips and tricks to keep you on your game while traveling around the world, now you are free to plan your next adventure without the worry. Happy Travels!

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