5 Tips for Flawless Wine Etiquette

Unlike beer, vodka, and whiskey, wine is an elegant and classy drink that shows the world you’re a refined person who knows what’s good. However, not all wines are the same, and you can’t approach all of them in the same way, so having a certain etiquette is definitely a must when it comes to this drink. That’s not something all wine lovers know, though, so if you want to become a true wine connoisseur, here are five tips that will provide you with a perfect etiquette.


Do your homework, part 1: study your wines in advance

You can’t expect to go to an exclusive restaurant and immediately know everything there is to know about wines, do you? Well, that’s certainly not going to be possible, unless you prepare in advance and do your homework. There are lots of different types of wine out there, and learning as much as you can about them is a must if you want to become a real expert.

Once you arrive at a restaurant, ask for a wine list first and talk to the sommelier about the selection that’s available at the moment. After that, decide which wine you’ll have and ask them to bring it to your table before ordering the food, but try to look cool while doing that too. This will impress the people you’re dining with and show them how knowledgeable you really are.


Don’t look at the prices

Most people think that the priciest wine is also the best, but the fact is that these people don’t really know their wines. The price is a huge factor at determining the quality, but it’s not the only factor, and most restaurants have nothing to do with the prices of wine in their wine list. So, don’t base your decision on the price, but on the quality of the wine – that is, if you’ve done your homework first, of course.

While a number of people have a problem ordering one of the cheapest wines on the menu, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with their selection. Cheap wines aren’t necessarily bad wines, and they might suit you more than the most expensive ones.


Don’t be exclusive

Depending on the number of people you’re dining with and their personal preferences, the chances are you won’t be able to pick a wine that will suit every single person at your table. That’s why you should use a simple trick – pick a popular wine that will probably work for the majority of people in your company. This way, you might not get your favorite wine, but everyone else will, and that’s quite all right.

But, don’t be afraid to think outside the box for a while and pick a wine you’re not completely familiar with, but have a feeling you might like it. People who are adventurous and aren’t afraid of trying out new things might consider ordering quality organic red wine that’s rich and elegant, which is why drinking it will make them look good in front of their companions.


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Don’t sniff the cork

This is a scene you can witness in restaurants all over the world and millions of people think that this is the right way to determine the quality of certain wines, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Yes, you can always ask your server to show you the cork, and they won’t mind indulging you, but you won’t look good doing that.

The problem with sniffing the cork is that you won’t be any smarter after doing it. The cork might give you a hint about the wine, but you aren’t going to be able to determine all the details unless you take a sip. So, just stop sniffing those corks as soon as possible!


Do your homework, part 2: work on your pouring technique

Whether you’re in a restaurant or at home, pouring your own glass of wine is vital, especially if you know a thing or two about pouring. This process isn’t as easy as people generally think, and it requires a certain knowledge you need to possess before you can start pouring wine into people’s glasses.

There are several rules you need to follow when serving wine, from cooling your wine beforehand and opening the bottle properly, to picking the right glasses and pouring the wine in a decanter first. Finally, don’t forget to hold the glass firmly while pouring – if you don’t do that, you could easily spill it and waste all that precious wine.

Being a real wine connoisseur isn’t easy, and you have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into learning all the things you need to know, but if you’re not afraid of developing new skills, this could be the perfect way to become a classier and more sophisticated person.

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