5 Tips for a Dream Honeymoon

After the wedding, the honeymoon is the next best event to look forward to. You can’t wait to hop on a plane and get to your destination right after saying ‘I do’. You can only have one honeymoon in a lifetime so make it count!


Of course, you want to make sure everything is perfect and just like how you dreamed it. Planning can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially when you do not know where to begin. To achieve the most unforgettable moment, here are 5 tips to consider for your dream honeymoon.


1. Plan Together

Planning together is the best approach when it comes to achieving the most romantic honeymoon. You want this to be a dream trip not just for yourself, but your new spouse too.

You can make a list of the places you both wish to go to on your special day and shortlist your favourites. From here you can discuss your wants and how you both want it to happen.

Consider discussing the following on your plan:

  • Location – In finding the perfect honeymoon destination, it is best that either of you hasn’t been to that place yet or somewhere you can both learn something new.  You can decide on whether you want to go for a tropical honeymoon in Thailand, a Caribbean vacation, or a European tour.
  • Duration –The most memorable vacation with the love of your life is in between 7 days to 10 days. This trip could be expensive so choose an amount of time that won’t break the bank.
  • Activities – Do something new on your honeymoon. It is not just about getting romantic and hanging out by the beach. Try new things with your husband/wife like diving, boating and exciting activities you will both cherish every now and then.

With both of you planning together, rest assured that you can come up with something exciting, unique and unforgettable.


2. Budget Allocation

The next part of the planning is, of course, the budget. After you have decided where the honeymoon destination is, you can now start calculating expenses. It is best to plan the honeymoon ahead of time so that you can allow a specific budget for the trip.

You don’t have to go on the honeymoon right after the wedding day; you can leave for the trip few days after but not more than a week.  This is the time to de-stress after all of the wedding events.

To avoid headaches, do not follow or copy your friend’s itinerary. Create your own unique activities that both of you enjoy while within the budget range.


3.  Book Early

Destination and budget are set, but what about the bookings? Months ahead of the wedding, you should have made your bookings already to get the best priced tickets and rooms. Avoid traveling on holidays and national events since all prices are inflated. Web deals are fine, but not all the time.

For more price options, you can opt for a travel agent or websites that can give added amenities and surprises. They can hook you up with the best deals and even give great discounts, especially when you let them know it’s for your honeymoon.  

To protect your investment of the trip be prepared for anything that could go wrong like, lost luggage or an illness. In this way, you have lesser hassles and headaches.


4. Bring in Some Surprise

Go an extra mile on your honeymoon. This is the best time you can show your love and affection. To make it extra special, bring in some surprises for your partner.

Is there something they have been saving up for? Why not give it as a gift on your honeymoon? they will be delighted knowing that you did something just to make them happy. You could fill the room with flowers or have their favorite dessert ready when you arrive.


5.  Simply Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy yourself! Wherever your honeymoon might lead you or whatever activities you are doing, as long as you are with the person you want to be with forever, everything will fall into its proper place.


You will always look back to the honeymoon; even after you have been married for years and have children so cherish the moment. 



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