5 Things to Expect From the Future of Car Design

Technology is constantly changing and improving. Within the blink of an eye the average home will have 3D printers, virtual reality in every corner and phones that project 3D images of the caller instead of FaceTime. Our cars will be no different, and we’re already starting to see big changes being implemented. So, what can we expect from the future of car design?



Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous cars are no longer a thing of the imagination. We don’t have to watch movies to see cars like this in effect. In fact, not so long ago, Tesla Motors was the first to create cars with semi-autonomous capabilities. This meant that the car would drive itself, with certain limitations. It’s expected that we could all be driving this type of car by as soon as 2025. The only problem is if two people are in autonomous cars and there is an accident, who is liable? Even with a motor vehicle accident lawyer, it would be difficult to come to a conclusion and insurance companies would have to significantly update the way they present insurance policies.



Renewable Energy


There is a strong focus on limiting the amount of pollution caused by cars on our roads. At the moment, the advice is to use public transport more, instead of everyone using their own vehicles. However, car companies are currently working on producing cars that can use renewable energy. Again, Tesla have created cars that can run on electric and are now focusing on the solar powered batteries that power these electric cars. It may not be long before we’re all plugging our vehicles in overnight as we do with our phones.



3D Printed Cars


3D printers have the potential to revolutionise all kinds of businesses, including car production. 3D printing is likely to take over the work of some factory staff in creating car parts. Not only will it make factory lines faster and more efficient, but there’s less room for error. Currently, the Strati by Local Motors is one of the only examples of a 3D car but other manufacturers are set to follow closely. This could mean that with the addition of renewable energy, there will be more 3D printed cars on the road than there are traditional cars now.



Bespoke Cars


We all love to own unique items, but when it comes to cars there are very few things that are customisable. You may be able to change the interior material or material of the dashboard. You may even be able to make changes to the wheels and other elements of the exterior, but it’s very rare that you can get your hands on a truly unique car straight out of manufacturing. Thanks to 3D printing, you’ll be able to request bespoke changes to prints.



App Based Cars


Businesses like Uber are becoming ever more popular. In the future, instead of being picked up by an Uber driver, you can expect to be picked up by a driverless car following the instructions of an app. You’ll be picked up at the apps destination and dropped off at the apps destination.


When it comes to the future of car design, we have a lot to look forward to.



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