5 Things Couples Can Do To Be More Intimate With Each Other

Being able to truly enjoy intimacy with your partner means allowing yourself to engross yourself in every fibre of their being and appreciate it the whole time. That feeling when you hold someone close who means the world to you is perhaps one of the most sought after feelings of the human experience. True intimacy requires a lot of trust, understanding, and especially vulnerability. All of those things are in short supply in our current society, even among those with extremely close relationships. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to ensure you do everything in your power to keep your intimacy levels at their highest.

To give you a bit of a hand with this endeavour, here are five worthwhile ways to increase the intimacy shared between two people:


First Tip: Be Open With Each Other

Disclosing your innermost thoughts and feelings is a surefire way to increase intimacy. Think about the things you hide from the world and everyone else around you. Whether it’s because they’re embarrassing or thinking about them hurts you, it shows your partner how much you care by being able to share those feelings with them. In essence, you’re allowing them to help shoulder the burdens you hold within by bringing your deepest, darkest thoughts to the surface. The more you two know about each other, the more intimacy you’ll be able to enjoy. It’s about knowing that through thick and thin, they’ll always be there for you.


Second Tip: Change The Script – Physically

Far too often couples fall into a routine with each other in the bedroom. Things start to get formulaic, with most sexual encounters being more of the same instead of raw, unadulterated passion. Shaking things up in this department helps scratch our itch for novelty and also allows you to experience new things together. Many couples enjoy the versatility sex swings can bring in opening up the possibilities for carnal pleasure. The first tip is concerned with giving yourself up emotionally, this tip concerns itself with allowing both of you to be free physically.


Third Tip: Make Committed Plans Together

There’s a reason they refer to couples as partners. That reason is that a strong relationship is like a team, where both people are working towards the same goals while looking out for each other the entire time. The more you have planned together, the stronger this feeling of partnership will be. It can be as simple as working towards going on a vacation together to moving into a bigger/better home. Both of you will share in the building process and pull each other together with the commitments you’ve made for one another. When it’s all said and done, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labours the same way you made them: together.


Fourth Tip: Give Concrete Affirmations Of Care

Even if you’ve gotten so in tune with your partner that you don’t need to ask them how things are going to know their mental state, you should ask anyways. This does a lot more than just give you information, it gives them the freedom to decompress and express themselves. Other things like a kiss goodbye or a thoughtful gift waiting for them once they get home are also good examples of concrete affirmations. Essentially, you should be doing everything in your power to make your significant other know what you think about them and put effort into showing it. Even if you don’t manage to stick the landing on all of your ideas, it’s the thought that counts.


Fifth Tip: Be Open To Experimentation

Possibly the best tip to increasing intimacy is to be open to experimenting new things with your partner sexually. Exploring each other’s deepest fantasies is probably the best thing you can do in terms of increasing intimacy in your relationship. 

Have a conversation with your partner about what new sexual activities they’d be open to experimenting with. Some ideas include trying out some light BDSM play or perhaps buying a few sex toys to spice things up.


With all of these five tips at your disposal, you stand to have a very well-rounded and healthy level of intimacy in your relationship. It’s fulfilling and worthwhile to know there’s someone special there specifically for you that you can rely on, that’s the ultimate seed of intimacy. Your ability to cultivate those seeds by making sure your partner is aware of how you feel as well as what you’re willing to do for them determines how much they will grow. Part of this is also appreciating your partner as an individual. These tips are by no means cut and dry, people are allowed to express their care in different ways. So long as the main points behind the tips are adhered to, the same results will apply. If you’d like more tips on being intimate with your partner, I’d recommend checking out this article by Elite Daily.



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