5 Springtime Activities to Do in Oregon

Springtime in Oregon is one of the most magical times of the year. Full of amazing weather, new beginnings, fun festivals, and overall joy and happiness, spring is the perfect season to visit the beautiful state. As one of the states with the happiest people, Oregon has a variety of fun activities that anyone can enjoy at any age.


1. Walk Along the Path with Blooming Cherry Trees

You may have to go somewhere within Oregon’s vast forests, but you should walk among blooming cherry trees at least once in your life. With vibrancy that rivals the cherry festival in Washington, D.C., these simple trees are icons of spring and a lovely sight to look at.

If you do decide to go somewhere secluded to view these lovely trees in full bloom, then take caution. Accidents can happen any time, and you need to be careful; especially if you are alone. Be prepared in case of snake bites, dog bites, or even accidental falls.

Snake bites can become fatal very quickly if venomous. Dog bites can cause long term damage and can be fatal if the bite severs an artery. Accidental falls are a common occurrence in the ER due to head injuries and broken bones.

The best way to prepare is to:

  • Stay on the path
  • Carry animal repellant spray
  • Carry a whistle or horn to scare animals
  • Wear snake proof boots
  • Carry a cell phone to call for help.


2. Food Truck Tour Through Portland

The food scene in Oregon is not to be ignored. With a multitude of award-winning food trucks, you can walk around on a pleasant spring day and eat your way through the city. You may fall in love with the food and the people surrounding you so much that you decide to move to the state, which is one of America’s best places to live.

The food scene and cultural dynamic within the city and state itself is incredible and prevents anyone from being bored at any point in their life, let alone in their day. Such a dynamic city with a blend of exotic flavours is bound to captivate you.


3. Bike Through Oregon’s Parks

When it comes to Oregon’s parks, there are some hundreds of miles of paved and unpaved bike trails that can appeal to everyone from beginning riders to the most experienced mountain bikers in the country. Spring is the perfect time of year to hit these trails with your favourite bike, but before you do, keep some safety things in mind:

  • Though you are not legally required to wear a helmet at all times unless the rider is under sixteen, you should wear a helmet. Especially if you consider mountain biking
  • Wear proper sunscreen, bug spray, and any other protection that you need for your riding conditions.
  • Make sure that your bicycle is in running order: that the tires have air, that the chain is properly greased, and that the brakes work.


4. Go Whale Watching off the Coast of Oregon

Because of its spot on the Pacific coast, the western coastline of Oregon offers some spectacular views of whale migrations. While whale sightings may happen all year round, the peak migration for whales is at any point between February and May, which encompasses the better part of springtime.

There are many whale watching tours that you can go on or simply rent out a coastal home for a weekend, sit outside with a good pair of binoculars, and wait for the magic to happen. Be in awe of these magnificent creatures as they move through a centuries-old route that will take them to their new homes.


5. Spend a Day at a Waterfall

With the temperature at a perfect medium, spring is the perfect time to spend relaxing or having fun at any of Oregon’s many natural water features. Furthermore, these natural destinations can be relaxing for just you, fun for the whole family, or meet somewhere in the middle.

Hiking to these waterfalls can be an excellent way to warm up before cooling off or simply enjoy the quiet landscape that Oregon can provide. With that combination of killer cardio and relaxing time at a waterfall, you are sure to have the perfect spring day.


Enjoy everything Oregon Has to Offer

Safe, beautiful, and easy on the wallet compared to other travel destinations, there is no reason for Oregon in spring not to be your go-to travel destination. Other than simply enjoying the sights, culture, and people of the state, hopefully, you enjoy these five ideas for things to do in Oregon during the springtime.


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