Shop A Lot? Here’s 5 Signs You’re Addicted

Compulsive shopping may not be as addictive as drugs, alcohol or smoking, but it’s still a recognised thing in the world. Everyone knows the joy and the euphoria that you feel when you slide that credit card at the cash register when you’re buying yourself that brand new Gucci handbag. Shopping compulsively falls directly into the category of behavioural addictions, because once you’ve shopped, you have a deep craving to do it again. And again. And again.

Shopping isn’t just for function, for the things that you need. Sometimes, people get a bonus at work and the first thing that they do is head out to get those new shoes that they’ve been drooling about for weeks. There may be bills to pay and debts to keep up with, but they don’t matter as long as the minimums are being met, right? Wrong. There are plenty of interest relief solutions to look into to get debts paid off sooner than the date on your credit file. The thing is, you may have to give up the number of shopping trips that you do – and if this may feel like a bereavement for you, then you may be addicted to shopping. Shopping as a way to treat yourself on occasion is normal, but when it goes beyond the norm, that’s when there’s a problem. Below, you’ll find five signs that your occasional shopping fix is becoming far more than just a once a month issue:


Buying Too Much

This is often part of the addiction. You head to a shop to get one pair of jeans as your usual favourites are worn to the end. But when you head to the store, you see a new dress, a new pair of boots and you buy four pairs of jeans, so you don’t have to get more quickly. You always have good intentions, but before you know it you’re refusing to see the total and just handing over the plastic.


Blowing The Budget

You know you have a limited amount to spend, but you choose not to shop with the cash that you could have taken out and you take the credit card. Blowing your budget often is a sign that you have a problem.


Hiding Your Purchases

You’re trying to get a handle on your finances as a family, so you need to remove the labels, dispose of the packaging and hide the treasures you’ve picked up this time around. Yeah, if you’re hiding it, you know you’re doing something wrong. That’s not okay.


Relationship Issues

Lying about what you’re doing is going to harm your relationships, especially if you are putting a strain on your finances just to shop.


Hitting Sales Just Because

You don’t need anything, but the bright red word SALE is enough to make you whip your wallet out.


This guide can help you to learn how to get the help that you need to break the shopping habit. If you know you’ve got a problem, it’s time to get help!




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