5 Reasons You Need to Have a Two-Piece Set in Your Closet

Two-piece sets are a hot trend, and from there many benefits, you can see why they appear not to be slowing down as one of the biggest trends in fashion. These sets come in many different styles, colours, and can be mixed and matched with other staple items in your closet.

A two-piece set is the easiest and quickest way to put together a stylish and trendy outfit. This trend is flattering on all body types, ages, and styles, not to mention it is an instrumental piece to have in your closet. There are a lot of options in the two-piece trend, not just the crop top and tube skirts, such as trousers and blouses, dresses and boxy crops, shorts and blazers. You can play with sizes and cuts, as well as colours, print, and textures.  

The reason this is such a popular trend, and you see more and more two-piece sets is because of how multipurpose a set is, and how easy it makes getting ready in the morning. There’s no worry about having trouble mixing outfit and coordinating colours, and you aren’t wasting your time putting together an outfit. Need more reasons why you need to have a two-piece set in your closet? Here’s five:


1: Easy to incorporate into everyday style

A two-piece is easy to incorporate into everyday fashion. There’s a two-piece set for every occasion whether you want to be casual, add colour or attending a wedding, you can dress your outfit up or down to create your desired look


2: Bright, bold and beautiful

 You will find two-piece sets in many bright and bold colours. You can display your individual style with a two-piece set and style and play around with hues that compliment your skin tone. Have fun and experiment with colours and styles.


3: An Abundance of Patterns

Just as with colours, you can find two-piece sets in a copious amount of prints, patterns, and fabrics.  Sometimes the designs co-ordinate with only the slightest difference in the top and bottom. There is a style and print for everyone, from floral to gingham.


4: Dress to Impress

Impress in a black two-piece set. There are never-ending options on styles and fabrics that your two-piece set will come in. Decide on your favourite fabric, style, and pattern, and bring some life to it by pairing with a cute coloured pump and a layered necklace and you are ready to take on anything in front of you.


5: Easy to Put Together

A two-piece set flawlessly pulls together a look. You can showcase your personality an individual style with this fashion trend and how you accessorize. Also, depending on the fabrics, the two-piece set can be worn from daytime to nighttime.


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Still not convinced on a two-piece set. Consider these points:

  • You can match tops and bottoms, whether they mix with a top and shorts or a top and a skirt. You can play around with the pieces.
  • Two-piece sets are charming and can easily be dressed up for a night out, or down for running daily tasks.
  • They come in all possible styles from girly, bohemian, preppy to modern, and there’s a two-piece set for you.
  • A two-piece set can be separated, giving you extra outfits in your wardrobe. 

Here’s how you can style your two-piece as a set or a separate:

  • Wearing your two-piece set for a night out – there are formal two-piece sets out there, it depends on your style, but to dress it up for a night out pair with a cute pump, or open-toe stiletto and a statement necklace.
  • Dressing down your outfit – to dress down a two-piece set pair with comfortable sneakers, or sandals, and coloured sunglasses. You can head out to an appointment or brunch with friends feeling stylish yet comfortable.
  • Exchange the top of your two-piece set – as mentioned before, a benefit of a two-piece set is that you can swap out pieces to make a new outfit. Swap out your top for a cute white tee and accessorize with a layered necklace for a completely new look. 
  • Switch out the bottoms – here’s another opportunity to extend your wardrobe, by swapping out the bottoms of your two-piece with another piece in your closet. You could pair your off-shoulder two-piece top with jeans and add a strappy sandal and statement necklace for a low-key night out, or dinner.

Again, there are so many styles of two-pieces. You are bound to find your perfect set and why wouldn’t you want to when they’re such a piece to have in your closet!

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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