5 Reasons to Read Reviews Before Purchasing a Puffy Mattress

So, it is time to buy a new mattress. What are you going to do? Should you listen to that one friend who swears by that one company’s mattress? Or side with the friend who made them his nemesis because they did not call him back when he complained? Should you head down to the mattress depot and listen to the salesperson tell you exactly why the best mattress is also the most expensive one? Or, should you do what more and more people are going and read the online review first?


Reviews are numerous

Are you going to listen to one friend or are you going to listen to the masses? What is great for your friend may not be great for you, but if the masses are in agreement, then there is a good chance that the mattress is going to be good for you too. One person can have a biased opinion, but over the course of a few hundred reviews, that biased opinion is going to be filtered out if you focus on the middle ground.


Reviews give specifics

Friends and family may love a mattress, but how does that apply to you. Maybe you have trouble sleeping on your belly. Can your friends tell you if their mattress is great for belly-sleeping? Probably not, but in online reviews, you can often find specific information which will help you to make your choice.


Reviews give you the long-term

How many times have you read a review which said ‘updated’? With online reviews, you get updates after some time has passed. First impressions are sometimes a lot different to your view on a product after a few weeks, months, or years. When someone comes back to update a review, they are usually doing it for a specific reason, and that information can often help you.


Real feedback

When your friend gives you a review of a product, they want you to adopt it. They want to feel validated that they made the right choice, by having someone else make the same choice. With online reviews, reviewers do not care if you make the same choice. They do not even know you. They only want to help. They want to inform that the product is good or bad. The reviews online are honest and designed to help someone make an informed choice.


Rate the features

All mattresses come with features. Those features differ from mattress to mattress. It is impossible to verify every feature without trying the mattress out and trying it out for a long time. Alternatively, you could source your information from those who have tried the features and for a long time.


Now, go buy a mattress

Once you have done your research, you can go out there and buy a mattress, such as the Puffy mattress. This memory foam mattress is designed to give you a better night’s sleep, and if you check out the reviews for it, you can find out all sorts of beneficial information.

The foam is firm and is great for supporting joints and muscles. There is also a trial period of 101 days, but so far there have been no reviews of someone returning the mattress during that time. The mattress only comes in one firmness; you can stay clear if you do not like a firm mattress.


Let’s review

It does not matter if you are buying a mattress or a car, you should always check the online reviews before buying. The reviews can give you way more information that the product page ever can. With most mattresses online having hundreds of reviews, you can find the mattress which is perfect for you.

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