5 Places You & Your BFF Need To Run Away Too (Momentarily)

There is a reason you and your best friend are joined at the soul. As a pair, you’re a wonderful mess, sort of like when kinetic sand gets squidged into Playdoh. It’s horrendous, fascinating, colourful and unique all at the same time. So, combine that concept with any kind of holiday and you’re sure to have the kind of fun that will live forever in local folklore.

But while history proves you two can have fun almost anywhere on earth (remember that time you took five bottles of cheap wine to that field near your cousins and had the best night ever), there are some places that you need to check out as a duo.

So, without further ado, here are the places you and your best mate need to visit before one of you gets hitched and The Beatles get broken up some accidental Yoko wannabe.


  1. Toronto

Yeah, the one in Canada, where I have the pleasure of hanging my hat. Yeah, the one that requires you to board a plane for a long time, which could make you think, “why not just go to NYC then?” (depending on where you are flying from, of course),  but Canada’s biggest and most bustling city has all the NYC vibes and a serious dollop of retail therapy to enjoy too, not to mention the biggest cross section of food you’ll ever find.


  1. St Croix

If there is one thing that is going to spur you two on more than anything else it is an unhealthy amount of sun, sand, steaming hot weather and beach bars that don’t use measures when pouring a double. There is also some of the best snorkelling-slash-scuba diving anywhere on the planet, which means you have everything to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Oh, and it’s in the US Virgin Islands if you were wondering.


  1. Vienna

If you and your bestie show a lot of love for one another through the filter-obsessed medium of Instagram, you need to book a suite at the Courtyard Vienna Prater/Messe and explore Vienna from dawn until dusk, and beyond. It’s like nowhere else. The sights are staggering, the streets are packed, the people are beautiful and the beer is great. Oh, yeah, you’ll have fun here.


  1. Cinque Terre

We could have put a map of Italy on the wall, thrown a dart and been guaranteed a holiday destination that is worth writing home about. But Cinque Terre is literally – and we mean literally – the most drop-dead gorgeous place on Planet Earth, which says everything you need to know.


  1. Nashville

Yup, of all the places in the US of A that we could have mentioned – Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas – we’ve gone and mentioned Nashville, Tennessee. Why? Because it is full of soul and kicking with life. It’s a place where the streets are lined with neon lights, music pours out of every bar and people dance on the pavements. Knowing that, imagine just how much fun you and your bestie are going to have in the birthplace of all things country.


And there we have it: five places you and your BFF need to slip off to before it’s too late.



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