Advice For Choosing A Crowd Pleasing Wedding Menu

From picking out the perfect venue to creating a crowd-pleasing wedding menu, organising your big day requires plenty of thought, research and meticulous planning. One of the most important elements of any wedding is the food; many of your guests will be looking forward to your menu and your task as a wedding host is to create an ambiance everyone will enjoy, so you’ll have to make sure you select appetisers, main course, desserts and drinks that will leave everybody in awe.


Come up with a creative presentation

First impressions are everything, and the best way to create a fabulous first impression is with creative visual presentation. Making sure that the food makes the guest drool just by looking at it will be an amazing way to prepare their palates for exquisite tastes. That’s why you should look for catering services which are number one in making both delicious and visually gorgeous food. Not to mention that the fact the food is Instagram worthy will only be a plus. Latkes with beets instead of potatoes topped with duck pastrami and apple mustard will be both a yummy and a visually lovely dish. Chocolate, cream, and strawberry push-pops is something that will blow your guests’ minds completely.



Serve diverse food

Aside from creating a wow-effect with the presentation, it’s essential that your wedding menu consists of delicious and diverse foods. This means that if you’ve decided you want your and your futures spouse’s favourite food on the menu, you should also make sure that those foods will be tasty to the guests as well. Having one or two options for vegetarians, vegans or people with other types of dietary restrictions will only be a plus, so try to create a unique and diverse menu to keep everyone happy and satisfied.


Create a customised menu with the chef

Chefs will often recommend several standard meals that they prepare for weddings, but you do not have to play by their rules. Your wedding is all about you and your future spouse, so you can choose to create a customised wedding menu that reflects your tastes and personality from tasty appetisers to mouth-watering desserts. Additionally, choose a breath-taking wedding cake that will completely wow the crowd. Whether you want traditional or one of the latest wedding cake trends, Northern Beaches wedding cakes will be a perfect choice if you’re hosting a Sydney wedding. The cake specialists will create a cake to reflect your theme, style and personality and help you astound all of your guests with an exceptional presentation and exceptional taste.


Develop cohesion

When putting together a wedding menu, it’s of the utmost importance that all the courses match. Just as you don’t want your centerpieces to clash with the rest of the table décor, you can’t afford your food to mismatch in taste either. If you’ve opted for rich, decadent appetisers, follow with a lighter salad rather than an equally heavy pasta course. Keep the flavour profiles in mind as well and try to balance out sweet elements in your salad with an entrée that is on the more savoury side. It’s crucial that you pair entrée and side dish well and try not to combine rich proteins with rich sides. Your guests will need the energy to dance all night long and not want to take a nap after a hearty meal.



Introduce a candy cart or a drink station

To make a final touch of surprise, think about having a drink station or a food cart on the premises too. This can range from having a candy cart to offering your guests a cocktail station where they can ask for the bartender to mix them up their favourite cocktail or even make one from the list you’ve put together with a few of your creative choices. An ice cream van, cart or bike stop-by can be a fabulous touch offering guests a bit of a pick me up during dance floor breaks. Having tea and coffee after the ceremony will certainly leave your guests in awe if you get a vintage-inspired mobile cafe or bar pop up.


Final thoughts

When picking out the wedding menu, you’ll need to have several factors in mind. The way the food is presented will be of great importance, along with the way it tastes and how diverse it is. Don’t forget to create a flow with the tastes and allow guests to enjoy both savoury, light and hardy meals in order to balance out the tastes. With a fabulous wedding cake and a food station for an after-ceremony pick me up, your guests will be absolutely astounded.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

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