5 of the Best Ways to Treat a Headache

We’ve all suffered from headaches and this can range from the mildly annoying to the unbearable migraine or even the worst-case scenario of it being an indicator or a more serious neurological disorder. So here are 5 of the best ways to treat a headache or migraine.

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The Good Old-Fashioned Way

The most often used and pretty much the easiest way of dealing with a headache is to use some painkilling medication. This can vary from using a simple paracetamol pill to other branded painkillers, if using one of these branded products then it’s important to read the ingredients. This can be useful as sometimes these products are quite expensive and often the only reason they are is the addition of caffeine, and so why not just have paracetamol or ibuprofen with a coffee and save the expense?


Dark & Quiet

Another way to cope with the symptoms of a headache and make it dissipate and go away is to put yourself in a situation where the causes of headaches are not there. Bright light and noise can often be the thing that brings a headache or migraine on, so if you remove these stimuli and spend some time in a dark and quiet environment it can make all of the difference.


Use of Oils

Sometimes using oils or creams can make the difference in getting rid of a headache and this avoids the use of medications. You can find many different essential oils for migraines and these are surprisingly effective. These oils can be used in a variety of ways, they can be rubbed in, they can be inhaled and, depending on the type they can even be ingested in some cases.


Head Massage

Massages can, and always have been, used in treating pains and aches. This can be for sports injuries, muscle tension and even to relieve stress. So if it can be a solution to so many different issues then why not for headaches? But what type of massage is best for a headache? It’s true that any massage, done well, will make you feel good, relax you and help with your mood in general, and this can only help with everything, including your headache. But if you really want to get to the root of the issue then a head massage is the way to go, it can reach the places that need to be reached.



Sometimes it’s good to consider how you ended up getting the headache in the first place, and it’s surprising how often it can be simply down to something as simple as being dehydrated. Drinking water often and in good quantity can keep you from getting dehydrated and coming into a headache. You can easily keep track of what you are drinking if you monitor it. There are many apps that can monitor what you are eating and many of these can also keep tabs on your water intake, fitness tracking apps also usually have this function as well.

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