5 Minimalist Decor Ideas for 2019

Is your bedroom causing anxiety every time you enter, and full of accumulated junk that doesn’t bring you any joy? Too much clutter of objects in your bedroom can clutter your mind as well, leading to stress upon waking up and while going to sleep. Your room should be your sanctuary to unwind and relax, and minimalist decor can help to achieve this atmosphere.

Not sure where to start? Here are five minimalist decor ideas to know about in 2019.


Let in the Light


Natural light is becoming more and more favoured, and not just for the high-quality Insta pics! Sunlight improves the whole vibe of a room, as well as your mood.

Get rid of those bulky curtains and replace them with something sheer to let the light shine in. You’ll have less need for energy-sucking lighting that adds nothing to the atmosphere of the room, and your space will instantly feel bigger and brighter. Plus, sunlight is completely free, so what’s there to lose?


Monochrome Artwork


Black and white wall art is a fantastic addition to any minimalist room. It’s subtle and subdued, yet always adds an elegant touch. This large collection of black and white prints can help you select the pieces you love according to your own personal taste and existing style. Choose from art prints, illustrations, calligraphic quotes and photographs to stylishly adorn your walls while still keeping things minimalist.


Keep Your Colors Neutral


You may assume a minimalist bedroom means whites and greys only, but that’s absolutely not true. A neutral tone can be light green, a soft yellow, or a blush pink. Pale blue is always a great colour to go with, as it can calm your mood and help you feel relaxed. The key to keeping things neutral is simply to avoid using multiple bold colours and focus on a subtle shade instead.


Bring in Some Nature


In every #minimalistdecor post on Instagram, you’re guaranteed to spot a potted plant or two. Why? Green, leafy plants are a simple addition that can add so much to your bedroom. Just one potted calathea or peace lily can breathe new life into your space, and even improve your sleep. If you don’t have a great track record with keeping plants alive, you can’t go wrong with a cactus or succulent.

Having a growing plant that needs taking care of can give you a new appreciation for your space and encourage you to keep the rest of your bedroom clean and organized.


Mirror, Mirror


The perfect decor item can be functional too! A mirror is a great statement piece that avoids a cluttered look and feel. Certain mirrors can even create the illusion of a larger space, so if you’re working with a small bedroom, a long mirror is definitely something to consider.



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