5 Marvelous Tricks to Reduce Anxiety Without Medications

Even the most resilient, optimistic people have experienced some level of stress in the past few months. Some have had to start working from home (where their restless toddlers reign), while others have lost their jobs, loved ones, or had to look for additional work to make sure they earn enough. In any situation, the pandemic-caused stress has increased the number of people struggling with ongoing anxiety and depression, as well. 

Then there are those who have had anxiety as an underlying issue that is getting more difficult to handle during this crisis. In all of those scenarios, most people have been using medication to treat their symptoms and reduce their feelings of anxiety. However, there are alternative solutions that can be as potent, or even more so in certain situations, such as CBD-infused gummies thanks to their cannabidiol content, meditation, physical activities, and the like. Let’s cover a few of the most effective alternatives to medication to reduce anxiety!


Find time for playtime

We all enjoy different hobbies, some of which require classes and crowds, which isn’t that ideal in the current situation. Perhaps it’s time to awaken your inner child and find some hobbies and activities that could be as engaging and playful, but without requiring you to leave your home. 

You’d be surprised, for instance, to discover how soothing painting and coloring can be for adults. Jigsaw puzzles, sewing, cooking, and other common activities can be perfect for calming your nerves and adding more playfulness into your life.


Meditate your worries away

Some people suffer from severe forms of anxiety accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty breathing, increasing heart rate, and the like. In certain situations with so many forms in which your anxiety can appear, it’s good to have a strategy that can be done anywhere, anytime, such as a quick meditation. 

Taking a moment to control your breathing and focus on certain, positive thoughts can be astonishingly helpful when you’re trying to find that “safe space” within your own mind. Even just controlled breathing can be a good start!


Enjoy some delicious drinks

The idea of comfort food (and drinks) is a very old and very effective one – we all have those moments when we crave our favorite chocolate or ice cream to banish our negativity. In fact, cocoa-based beverages can be a particularly potent, natural source of mood-boosting ingredients. The magnesium found in cocoa can help soothe anxiety, while your brain on cocoa will produce more serotonin, another happy hormone ideal in battling stress.

As a cannabis lover, you might appreciate a delicious cannabis beverage. It’s a perfect drink that comes in tastes like orange, blue raspberry, mango and guava. Treat yourself to your favorite taste, and you’ll get all the CBD refreshment that you need.

Cannabis can save the day

Yes, those CBD-packed treats are always a wonderful way to brighten up your day and elevate your mood while leaving you calm, but it turns out that low-THC cannabis strains can be helpful with anxiety, as well. It’s vital to find the kind of strains that aren’t too high in THC, because they can have the opposite effect for those struggling with this mental disorder.

A good mix of CBD with a touch of THC seems to be the most promising choice for many. You can, of course, always start with pure CBD and then work your way towards a combination that will help you with your symptoms.


Introduce a physical activity

When you feel as if the weight of the world sits on your chest and you simply have no energy to move, that’s when you need an endorphin boost, best achieved by getting physical. Depending on your preferences and your schedule, you can try weightlifting to boost your energy and your mood, or take up martial arts, a dance class, or yoga. 

Regular exercise helps your brain produce more happy chemicals that mimic the impact of cannabinoids, and improve your sense of wellbeing. If you choose workouts that lead to more social interactions, all the better, as those around you can motivate and inspire you every time you feel like quitting. Your confidence will soar, and you can always vary your workouts once you build up your discipline, so you can easily stay active at home, jog in the park, or hike in a nearby reserve.


Final Thoughts

No matter if you’ve had to deal with anxiety prior to the pandemic or you’ve just started experiencing this issue, there are medication-free strategies to help you cope, reduce anxiety, and of course, stay on track with your health goals. Anxiety should always be taken seriously, so it’s wise to consult your doctor and seek help when you’re feeling overwhelmed – then these strategies can complement whatever your doctor prescribes and approves of, so make sure to share your own anxiety-beating methods to find what works best for you.



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