5 Fashion Tips to Master That Bohemian Style

We’ve all heard about Boho style, but how well do we know about its origin? Boho is short for ‘’Bohemian’’. Bohemian fashion is inspired by the free-spirited and a laid back style of the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as rebellious actors, writers and many different artists who refused to play by social rules. Although boho style was extremely popular almost half a century ago, it brought the sexy back in the 2000s with no intention of ever disappearing. It came back through the unusual style of celebrities and models. Boho style is not determined by strict rules. It’s similar to gypsy and hippie style, but it’s more romantic and moderate. It’s very adaptable to everyone’s personal style and aesthetic, since it’s characterized by so many garments and details that could easily respond to everyone’s taste. Ethno motives, colors, lusciousness, transparent light materials such as silk and linen are what describes boho style the best and that’s why we have listed some tips on how you can achieve your perfect boho look.

Lacey look

Lace is one of the most common materials used for boho outfits. The white lace blouse will get you that romantic look and turn you into a goddess. And by adding a floral skirt to complement the whole look, be sure you’ll achieve a dreamy combination because these two patterns go perfectly together.

Groundbreaking florals

If you still don’t have a maxi floral dress in your closet that will ideally fit into this style, there are countless amazing dress stores to check out and find your perfect fit. To get a slightly more urban look, put on some platform sandals and a hat and there’s no way you’ll end up unnoticed. Bracelets, necklaces and glasses would just make this outfit pop so go for it.

Accessorize the game

Chunky necklaces, headbands and oversized sunnies are just some of the details you can add to your perfect boho look. Ripped jeans matched with a linen blouse or an embroidered jacket will also fit perfectly, and you can complete the entire combination with striking gladiator flats or tassel boots which are an inevitable staple for every true fashionista.

Let your hair down

Loose hair, don’t care! Forget about the hair drying appointments or straightening your hair to perfection, or even sleek buns, because Boho is the most chill style you’ll ever meet. Loose, romantic braids, beach waves, and low messy buns are the best representatives of a true boho style. Fishtail braids combined with a hat will turn you into a real boho princess, and it’s not that hard to do your own hair once you’ve done watching a few YouTube tutorials.

Boho makeup look

Nude tones, dewy face, neutral lips are what boho is all about. To get a fresh and radiant face, prep your skin with rose water and then apply a hydrating moisturizer. Let it absorb into your skin and you’re ready to beat that gorgeous face. Apply the foundation that is non-matte because we all know that matte and cakey face is so passé. You can use one product for multiple steps, like using a bronzer as a blush, eyeshadow or a highlighter. But make sure it’s pink or orange tone. Be gentle to your brow game, because Instagram brows on fleek would totally ruin your minimalistic charm. Instead, keep them bushier by using a brow gel only or simply fill in the gaps with a brow pencil. Eyeliner is fine, but you can totally skip it if you’re using fake lashes. Oh, and don’t forget to add some sparkle in the corner of your eyes for the soft glam boho look. In the end, make your lips kissable and sensual with some peachy lip gloss and you’re done. However, if you like to take risks and play on the ‘’unsafe side’’, experiment with some color eyeshadow palette, and own your daredevil vibe. If you want pink or neon, go for it. Your creativity has no limits, so you can choose the lashes longer than the list of your haters as well.

When in doubt choose Boho! And why? Because there are no rules for combining! It allows you to completely free yourself, make bold combinations and let your imagination in. So, take the Boho deets you love and adjust them to your style!

Peter Minkoff
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