5 Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2019

Each subsequent year comes with a set of resolutions many people still make. Reason: January 1st gives a sense of a clean slate and we believe that we can turn everything around. This applies to all spheres of life, including style and fashion. The best bit – fashion resolutions are the easiest to keep as both shopping and getting rid of old clothes is a thrill. This isn’t a hassle, it’s pure New Year’s joy! So, given that each fashion season comes with new, sometimes improved trends, let’s see how we can help you amp up that style of yours.


Pick a lane


Although infusing your wardrobe with an interesting or even extravagant indulgent piece every now and then is more than okay, as it does spice it up, as the years go by, having an established sense of style becomes more and more vital. Your style is part of your identity, so one of the best things you can do to kick the year off is creating a curated wardrobe that has a distinct theme to it. You can opt for minimalism, a capsule wardrobe, or perhaps pick your favorite past decade and create an original retro look – whatever speaks to your lifestyle as well as style persona. The important thing is for you to be recognized by your style, so as you purchase your future garments, make sure they mesh well with the style you’re trying to nurture.


Speaking of lanes


Aside from a well-curated wardrobe, when creating that signature style, it’s always great to add a little oomph to it by opting for one of your favorite patterns. This will add to your distinctiveness factor. However, as trends tend to have the lifespan of a fruit fly, try not to go with anything overly trendy. For instance, the animal print will be out the door as fast as it came in, but there are more timeless ones that are even classier and will stand the test of time. One of them is the plaid pattern, and if this isn’t your cup of tea, playful polka dots or evergreen stripes might just be. Each of these is a great choice because it adds just enough pizzazz without looking overwhelming or overly trendy. Bonus: they’re highly combinable with amazing basics.


Go green


The sustainability movement is fashion is definitely gaining momentum. Companies are giving up fur, adopting more ethical practices in terms of both procurement and the treatment of fabrics. There is even a wonderful movement, so far followed by a handful of fashion brands, that is turning to organic fabrics. If you want to look great, reap the health benefits of organic clothing as well as save planet earth by contributing less to the already overflowing landfills, you will become a responsible and eco-friendly shopper. This means picking out quality and comfortable bamboo women’s underwear, organic cotton basics, linen as well as organic wool garments. You can also get bracelets for a cause and support various environmental cleanup efforts. Haven’t you heard – green is the new black.


While on the subject…


While we’re still on the subject of sustainability, do your best to be an even better shopper by being extremely picky. With an established sense of style, this won’t be a difficult feat to achieve. The only two things you have to do is always go for garments of supreme quality that you can rock for years, and avoid falling prey to every trend just because items are on discount. Just because the price has been reduced doesn’t mean you need it. If you see something and you’re not a 100% sure it’s ‘you’, then just walk away. This mantra will save your wallet and keep your wardrobe curated and absolutely fabulous.


Support the local artisans and designers


We know that both fast fashion, high-street and high-end powerhouses make billions as they have stores all over the world. In order to achieve two things in 2019, try to find small local designers or even independent vintage stores and give your money to the ‘little people’ The two reasons are the following: one, you will avoid looking uniformed and just like everyone else as you will own unique and locally produced pieces. Second – you will help the local economy, and that is not only a fashionable but also a kind thing to do. After all, what are holidays without giving back.

We do certainly hope you will put these five items on your resolution list, not just because they will enhance your style but actually make you a better person with minimum effort.

Peter Minkoff
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