5 Comfortable Style Tips for Busy Moms

For parents, staying stylish is rarely at the top of their priority list. Sure, you want to look fashionable and feel good in your clothes, but there’s always so much do to, and you never get any time to actually plan a good outfit. By now, yoga pants and messy buns have become your daily reality, and it’s a little difficult to feel attractive when that’s all you ever get to wear. Fortunately, even the busiest of moms can still look good, and all they really need are a few fashion ideas. Are you eager to learn some styling tips and start wearing cute outfits every day? Then take a look at our advice below!

Invest in no-effort garments

And by this, we don’t actually mean just yoga pants. A no-effort garment is the one that you can just throw on and leave the house, knowing that you already look good. While this might come as a surprise to some, dresses are actually the perfect representation of this category—you throw them on, you don’t have to worry about matching them to a pair of bottoms, and they’re very cozy to wear. The trick here is to simply find the right kind of dress.

When it comes to summer wardrobe, avoid bodycon garments that restrict your movements and stick to flowy dresses and flattering swimwear—you generally want to pick soft materials that don’t wrinkle too much. If you want to look really feminine and sweet, go for A-line fit in neutral colors. You can match these garments with many other fashion items and still look fabulous.

Don’t throw away your maternity jeans yet


Or, if you don’t have them anymore, buy maternity pants again. They are extremely useful because they’re cozy as hell, and they’ll allow you to be completely stylish without restricting your movements. Find yourself a pair of maternity pants in a trendy cropped style, and pick something made of denim. Jeans are still universally stylish and easy to wear, and this is a great way to make them genuinely comfortable.

Layer your outfits

The thing that gives visual interest to your outfits are layers, and the best kind of garments to help with this are usually cardigans. Pick long, open cardigans to slip over your plain tees and enhance the look of your skinny jeans and leggings. It will balance out your proportions and give you a better figure. To layer, you can also use baggy unbuttoned shirts, blazers, and big scarves. It’s also generally a good idea to invest in comfortable and stylish footwear—a pair of classic Adidas sneakers would make the whole package look truly effortless.

Stick to one color scheme

Standing in front of your closet in the morning and frantically trying to pick out two pieces that look good together is no one’s idea of fun. To avoid this problem, the best thing you can do is simply pick a color scheme that you like, and stick to it. That way the garments you own will probably match each other much easier, and you’ll always be wearing colors that you know and like. Pick your color scheme based on your skin tone and your preferences, and then make sure that most of the clothes you buy are in that same range.  

Have go-to accessories

You don’t need a ton of accessories for your outfits, you just need a few versatile ones that you can wear every day. Thin chain necklaces, silk scarves in neutral colors, simple stacked bracelets and rings, coloured aviator glasses, and similar things are all good options. You can go for either metals like silver and gold, or for wooden jewelry—all of them are easy to pair with any kind of garment. Make these accessories a part of your signature, and enjoy the way they enhance your look.

You don’t have to sacrifice your love of fashion to be a good mom! Try these tips, plan your outfits ahead of time, and you can look as stylish as you like every day.

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