5 Children’s Toys We’re Excited About This Christmas

Children’s toys have the unique ability to bring people of all ages together in the name of fun.

With Christmas coming up fast, we’ve compiled a list of our top five children’s toys that are getting us excited this year and that have us wishing we were still kids.


Kindle Kids

The Amazon Kindle has been around for years, marking one of the first e-readers to enter the market in 2007, but the Kindle Kids is specifically designed for children who love to read.

This edition of the Kindle also includes tools to improve vocabulary, like Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder. At £99 (about 150 CAD), it’s also an excellent value tech choice for a children’s Christmas present.


Vodafone Neo Smart Watch

As the brainchild of Vodafone and Disney, the Neo Smart Watch is a fantastic choice for children’s first smartwatch. It features the ability to add up to 9 trusted contacts for calls and texts, weather reports, a calendar, a camera and a GPS tracker, to name just a few features.

This is the perfect tech present for the young digital enthusiasts of the family, and the safety features ensure that your child can be introduced to the digital world safely, with restrictions you set.


The Yvolution Y Fliker Pro

The argument that scooters are a thing of the past is firmly put to bed with Yvolution’s brand-new scooter design. The Y Fliker Pro is a scooter with a difference, mainly through its spring-loaded foot plates that create the illusion of skiing in the street!

Additionally, the Yvolution scooters are renowned for growing with your child due to their adjustable handlebars, and the easy folding mechanism allows for optimum storage and transportation while you’re on the move.


Kano Motion Sensor Coding Kit

There is no better present for STEM-focused children than a coding kit to occupy their time. The Kano Motion Sensor Coding Kit allows your child to build their own infrared motion sensor, which is suitable for ages 6 and above.

You can also find branded coding kits themed around Star Wars, Frozen and Harry Potter, allowing your child to program sensors to respond to hand gestures. Imagine the possibilities. 


3Doodler Pen

This 3D printing pen requires no software and no computer to set up and use. Hailed as one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, the 3Doodler heats up plastic and pushes it through the pen, leaving it to harden almost instantly so your child can create 3D shapes in mid-air!

The opportunities to create are almost endless, and you can choose from materials like wood (made with real wood fibre and can be sanded when hardened), metal (made from bronze and copper and can be polished), and flexy (rubbery plastic that remains flexible once hardened).


Do you know of any Christmas presents to get super excited about this year? Let us know below!



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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