5 Best Valentine’s Day Destinations for Adventurous Lovers

Not all lovebirds are the same. While some may crave romantic destinations, ones that reignite the flames of passion as romance is all around them, others yearn for constant adventure in their lives. Now, when you find that special someone, a kindred soul who loves exploration and adventure just as much as you do, you are beyond lucky. Hence, once you have such a person in your life, and you want to celebrate your love as well as common interests, there’s no better time to mix romance and adventure than Valentine’s Day. Just make sure your passports are in date; nothing kills the mood of a romantic trip more than realising you can’t travel. It’s simple to renew them if not, using a service such as UK Passport Renewal


To that end, we bring you some of the most exciting destinations for couples who love being out and about, trying new things and having a superb active time. Take your pick, although it won’t be easy, as each destination is more enticing than the other.


Grab your skiing equipment


For all those couples whose idea of a grand ol’ romantic time includes some quality adrenaline-filled time on the incredible slopes, the Swiss Alps are the perfect destination. A ski trip in the place with one of the most beautiful and at times challenging slopes is just what Cupid ordered for a couple like you, and after you’ve had your fun in both the snow and the glistening sun, you get to cosy up and amp up the romance in one of the most beautiful and private lodges that make this place unique in comparison to all the other ski destinations out there. Now, if you have a knack for romance as much as you have for adventure, on the very day, get all decked out and take your Valentine to one of the numerous romantic restaurants such as the glorious Le 3842.


Off the beaten track


There is a virtual plethora of romantic and adventurous destinations, and the ones in Peru will certainly take your breath away. Whether you are fond of surfing and chasing the waves in Mancora, getting up on a motorcycle and exploring the ‘challenging terrains’ of the Andes, or have a strong desire to explore the Amazon jungle, Peru is the ultimate place to be. If you have both the time and the energy to do it all, don’t hesitate for a second. Peru is a gorgeous country with luscious flora and indescribable landscapes and mountains that are every adventure junkie’s dream. So, take your loved one by the hand – or hop on a Harley Davidson – and explore this stunning country to the fullest.


Heaven on Earth


New Zealand is, by all those who have had the good fortune of visiting this surreal land, described as heaven on Earth. Still, don’t think of this country as just a gorgeous romantic destination with lovely romantic restaurants and interesting and cosy cafés. No, one of the first incentives to visit this country during your long Valentine’s Day weekend is the fact that you can get out of the cold as its still summer here. Now, there is a common misconception that this is a small country, when in fact, it’s actually quite huge. So, if you’re keen on seeing all the beauty, or at least a huge chunk of it, get yourself an Avis car rental and start your road trip. During this trip – which is adventurous on its own as you’re exploring a country you’ve never been to before, you can also engage in such sports as sky-diving, zip lining, or bungee jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Yes, this place is truly heaven on Earth, no matter what your preferences are – New Zealand is here to cater to them all.


The fearless couple


Although it’s considered highly safe, not all couples have the courage to embark on an African safari. Just in case you are one of the brave ones and have always been curious about the natural beauties of the African continent and both its nature and wildlife, you will most certainly be up for an adventure of this kind. Now, there are tons of popular destinations, but those less known have their own appeal. For instance, one of the most alluring options for couples is East Africa’s Mara, Crater and Serengeti Migration experience, as you don’t only get to witness the wildebeest migration but also stay at amazing lodges, travel around and never stay in one place long. Plus, there is the hiking and biking experience on offer, and the adrenaline junkies in you most definitely wouldn’t want to miss that.


The aquatic sport lovers


Finally, for all those couples who appreciate the romantic seclusion as much as they appreciate some good adventure time, the fairly unpopulated Southeast Asia islands are an impeccable choice. There are no crowds, so you can be sure that you will have all the privacy you desire. And, if you choose Indonesia, for instance, you will also get your blood pumping while enjoying all the aquatic sports you may desire. There is everything from snorkelling and scuba diving to kayaking, swimming and so much more in store for you, so grab your swimwear, pack lightly, let your hair down and enjoy a frill-free time doing what you love most. Plus, the sheer romance that always magically hovers over islands is bound to make you fall in love with each other all over again.

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