5 Best Places to go Camping and Hiking this Spring

Winter is one of the worst seasons of the year for some people. The almost inhabitable cold climate outside the home makes it impossible to go hiking or camping in a great location. Luckily, winter is not forever, and spring is always waiting around the corner.

Once winter ends, you are eager to get outside and enjoy some adventure time with family, friends or even alone. And as we know summer is far away, and fall is even more distant, you’ll have to find the perfect place to do it in spring.

Here we will tell you about five of the best locations worldwide that you can enjoy after winter is over and you are eager to get out there. Just make sure to have your camping gear ready, and you’ll have a fantastic journey in the following places! Come and learn more!


5 Hiking & Camping Places For This Spring Break


1. Yosemite National Park in Colorado

Yosemite is undoubtedly among the most popular places around the world to go hiking, but it is also amazing if you just want to set up a camp. The variety of activities along with the mixed environment gives you a wide array of things to enjoy.

This park offers so many campsites and hiking trails that it’s just amazing. Whether you want to have some action in challenging hikes or just relax in a camp while eating marshmallows – you’ll be glad to know this place offers it all. And if you want to do both, there won’t be a thing to keep you from doing so.

You may want to visit in the spring just because this is the season of the Dogwood tree that dresses the hills & mountains around in the most beautiful colours. Along with the tremendous rocky steeps and the magnificent waterfalls, this is a go-to location to visit in spring you won’t like to dismiss.

It is important to know that it is mostly peaceful and secure to pass through. Even the most difficult hikes are comfortable and straightforward enough for most people. So you can go along with family or friends, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the whole site without issues.

Still, we recommend coming well-equipped and prepared with all necessary camping equipment to last at least a few more days than expected. We’re sure you won’t like to leave, especially if you find the unique hidden paths & campsites around.

If you plan on going camping and want to set up a tent, you’ll need to transport the tent in your car. Consider getting the best SUV tent which will attach to your SUV car easily.


2. Kamikochi at the Japanese Alps in Japan

While going to the US and Europe is always a nearer option for most people, Japan can also be an exciting choice for those in search of a fantastic adventure.

Kamikōchi is among the most beautiful places on earth to visit, filled with outstanding landscapes, and some of the most peaceful environments for those who just want to get away from everyday life.

The hills, the rocky mountains, the unique vegetation, the small streams, the beautiful animals, and the well-cared paths make Kamikochi an amazing opportunity entirely. It is filled with so much diversity of all kinds that you won’t just get over it – its beauty will impress you without a doubt.

It is an ideal option for hikers instead of campers. While there are a few campsites you can enjoy, it is the hike options that will make this place unique. Any person of any age, ability or interest will find a perfect hike in this place.
There are several trails to take so everyone can enjoy what this place has to offer. Located in the Japanese Alps, the many expeditions available will probably leave you with your mouth open.

Even though the trails are easy for most people, you will very likely end up walking like never before. So make sure to carry your most comfortable travel footwear if you want a great time.


3. Via dei Monti Lariani in Italy

The beauty and magnificence of Via del Monti Lariani are exceptional. Located around Lake Como in Italy, this place offers some of the loveliest mixes of forest, hills, pasture, and the most eye-catching lake views in the world.

Another interesting factor is that this path passes through several small settlements that work both as farms and lodging for hikers & visitors. But if you are convincing enough, owners may even leave you camp around for free.

You’ll be able to enjoy magnificent sunrises and unusual twilights every day. Along with the bovine and farm animals around, the variety of plants and vegetation you’ll find, and the unique contrast with a blue and shining lake make this location unique in every way.

The amazing thing is that this place goes around for more than 125 kilometers of pure hikes and trails to follow. When you consider coming here, you’ll be seeing at least a 6-day trek if you want to pass around the whole site.
For this, make sure you bring along all the necessary hiking equipment for a comfortable stay. You won’t like to miss something after several kilometers had already passed.

If you get to leave something at home you may eventually need, thankfully some villages are filled with equipment & gear shops just in case – so this is a place that won’t let you down.


4. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is probably the most famous hiking & expedition location in the US, delivering some of the most interesting geological findings, well-climaxed forests & magnificent rocky hills in the world.

In this place you can find thousands of hiking trails as well as caves to explore, streams to take a splash, forests to camp, and many other options. The contrast between the rocky deserted mountains alongside some of the greenest forests, make this place naturally exclusive.

While hiking is probably the first option for most people in the Grand Canyon, this place offers some of the most entertaining historical sites with museums and scenic shuttles. You may also enjoy road biking, rafting, scenic drives, mule trips and a railway trip all around the place.

For those who want the best hike in the whole place, the Rainbow Rim Trail will be an option not to overlook. Extending for around 18 miles, this place offers unique views and elite experiences only the bravest will enjoy.

So, if you want to have the best experience in the Grand Canyon, remember to bring all the necessary hiking gear along to fare more easily and enjoy everything this place offers. There are so many options in this place that you will eventually have a hard time finding something to do.


5. Swiss Alps in Switzerland

People often refer to the Swiss Alps as a place for snow playing and other cold-climate activities, but if you come in spring, this location in Switzerland will give you the time of your life.

This place only opens in June, but it’s still one of the best options for families and group of friends who want to delight in the magnificent views only this place in Europe offers. With the many trails and hikes possible along with the capacity to camp, this is among the most exciting places in the world.

You may behold mountains still covered in snow from the winter and growing plants & flowers that gives the most amazing mixture of colors around. Some hills are open all year so you can go there and enjoy amazing experiences. And with the many waterways you’ll find, the site provides the perfect mix between vegetation & water beauty.

The snow will still be melting in Spring so you will need to come with all the necessary protection against cold climates. And if you’re fortunate, you may find some ski hikes still available – so bringing your ski gear would not be a bad choice.

You can go biking along the river, go camping in the forests, walk around in the different trails it offers, and even enjoy superb views from wildflower beds, waterfalls, moss walls, and outstanding rock formations.

This place comes with everything you expect from a hiking & camping location – so don’t hesitate to consider it as a go-to option. Just remember it can be pretty cold and humid, so go with the right clothing & gear to prevent any surprise.


Start Packing your Hiking Equipment and Get Out Now!

So you are now familiar with five of the best places around the world to have an enjoyable camping or hiking experience. We know it will be hard to pick with such amazing options, so don’t rush and consider all the factors that make each one unique and the whole preparation process accordingly.

Remember that your focus is to have a great time, so make sure that happens. Always remember to pack your most useful gear and equipment, and choose all the items depending on the place you’re going.


Transportation Options When Camping And Hiking

Now that you know the must-try camping and hiking places in the world, it’s time to learn some traveling tips. Proper planning equates to a more fun and unforgettable camping trip. So, doing research work is essential to avoid unexpected issues along the way. 

It’s crucial to know how to get to your hotel or the camping destination you’re planning to visit from the airport. Do you prefer to rent a car or take a taxi? You might want to consider renting a recreational vehicle or RV—using an RV when camping or hiking is a unique and exciting way to connect with mother nature because you can fall asleep to the night songs of owls and crickets. 

Sleeping in tents makes you feel too close to the wild, and sleeping can be uncomfortable because of restricted space. On the other hand, staying in an RV allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings in a park campground and sleep soundly and comfortably. This makes camping and hiking more exciting and convenient. 

Regular campers can buy new or used RVs to enhance their camping experience or take it to the next level. You can also check used recreational vehicles on online RV auctions from CrankyApe and other similar vehicle auction platforms.


After all, it all comes down to enjoying your stay. So choose wisely and head to the place that will give you the time of your life.

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