5 Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

Buying last minute Christmas gifts is hard as it is, but if you have a serious adrenaline junkie in your family or friend circle, finding a good present can become a real nightmare. Getting them a nice decoration item for their home or a pampering spa treatment will be a hit and a miss, so you need something more fun to get their blood pumping. Luckily, we have you covered with these useful last minute Christmas gifts any adventure lover will appreciate.

A comfy hammock


Ah, wait until a hiker in your life unwraps this one! A small hammock is a practical gift for all those travelers and adventurers who love to stray off the beaten track, explore nature and sleep below the stars. As long as there are some trees, they will be able to create a cozy little place for themselves to relax, snooze and just enjoy the outdoors. Plus, if you go with a small but sturdy model, it will last them many, many years.


A portable water filter

When traveling in developing countries, your adventurer will never be able to thank you enough for this Christmas present. Having a handy water filter can be super practical, but also potentially lifesaving. Most of them use a hollow-fiber membrane filter or a UV light to disinfect the water and can remove up to 99% of bacteria and other contaminants. Basically, they are perfect for all adventure trips from nature outings to shady hostels. Plus, they are tiny and can fit into or onto every backpack (most are the size of an average water bottle, so also get a practical bottle clip).


Motocross gear


There’s nothing more adventurous than motocross, so make sure to surprise your adrenalin-loving friend with a few pieces of motorcross accessories. No matter if bike mat is all you can afford or you want to go all out and get all necessary motocross parts, you can find something that will delight your adventurous friend or SO. Also, everything you can imagine a motocross driver might need can be bought in motocross online stores, so you don’t even have to go shopping and browsing the malls or markets! It will be a perfect present for all adventurers who love the ocean and are curious about the beautiful world that hides below the surface.




If your adventure friend doesn’t own one of these bad boys already, can they even be called a real adventurer? A GoPro really makes the best gear for all travelers no matter if they are into motorcycling (goggles are also a great gift option for them), skydiving or just want to catch some good footage on their camping trip. They are small, practical and can withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Some models are even completely waterproof, which means they are another great Christmas present for marine lovers!


An e-reader


No matter how exciting and adrenaline-fueled a trip is, there are always plenty of breaks for some relaxation. And what better way to relax than with a good book! So, make sure to provide your adventurer with a world full of great literature by getting them a practical e-reader. This way, they will always have a full library right at their fingertips. Some models also allow new book purchases over 3G cell networks, so they can get their favorite titles no matter where they are. Plus, a soft night light is perfect for reading even in less than ideal conditions (and any adventurer knows that there are plenty of those on the road).


With a present like any of these, your adventurer friend will have the best Christmas ever and will be even more eager to explore the world and pursue their traveling dreams. Don’t be surprised if they invite you to accompany them on their next big adventure!

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