5 Areas Where Trucks Put Cars In The Shade

For most of us, when we think about buying a new vehicle, we think about cars. Cars are the default setting for most motorists; they’re the vehicles we learnt to drive with, and as a result, we establish a lifelong association with choosing cars as our primary vehicles.


Most drivers only make the switch to trucks if their personal circumstances demand that they do so; for example, if they need to use a truck as part of the job. However, there are a number of persuasive arguments for making the switch to trucks for domestic and standard use. If you’re on the brink of buying a new car, then it might actually be worth buying a new truck instead— and here’s why…


#1 – Trucks allow you to carry large loads with ease


Fan of camping? Frequently need to transport large items? Like to take big “stock up” shops to the grocery store? If any of the above apply, then a truck might be the best choice for you. Trucks allow for a far greater storage capacity, which makes your life easier if you frequently carry large loads. Provided you don’t exceed the weight limit for your vehicle and you use the best tonneau covers to keep all of your belongings protected from the elements, there are few limitations to what you can transport in a truck. If you have ever cursed the size of your car’s trunk, then the possibilities a truck allows are sure to delight you.


#2 – Higher road position


In a truck, you are naturally seated at a higher point on the road. This provides for excellent visibility and can help to reassure more nervous drivers. There are psychological benefits to driving a larger vehicle; if you are prone to timidity behind the wheel, then driving a truck could be the perfect solution for you. Even if you’re not a nervous driver, you still stand to benefit from the fact that trucks tend to have far fewer blind spots than cars, which makes them overall easier to drive.


#3 – Durability


The body design of standard cars is as robust as it needs to be to protect passengers, but it’s not particularly durable. It’s far too easy to make a small mistake when manoeuvring and wind up with a huge dent or scraped paintwork down the side of your car. Trucks, on the other hand, are nigh-on indestructible. If you are tired of paying for resprays in your car’s bodywork, then you will love the durability of a truck— and making the switch could save you a small fortune, too!


#4 – Towing ability


Some cars do have some towing ability, but it tends to be limited. You can only use very small, specific trailers, which are often too small to be truly worth the hassle. Trucks, however, can pull far more than a car ever could— and they’ll do it with ease. Towing allows you to transport goods that you otherwise would have needed to hire a specialist to move; for example, moving house is a doddle when you can just stack the trailer up and tow it to your new home.


You’ll also find it easier to transport camping equipment, or even just to make trips to the dump when you’re undergoing household renovations. The options are limitless, and ultimately, that’s the major benefit of trucks: you have far more choice as to what you can use your vehicle for.


#5 – Offroading


If you have never been off-roading, then you’re going to want to give it a try. Off-roading is one of the most thrilling things you can do on four wheels and will give you a whole new appreciation both for your vehicle and for the ruggedness of the natural world. While it is possible to off-road in a car, the simple fact is that you will have a far better time if you choose a truck instead. Their higher ride height, better suspension, increased visibility, and larger tires ensure a far more pleasurable experience. After all, rugged, trying terrain is a truck’s natural habitat, and they will leave even the most advanced 4×4 off-road-capable cars in their dust.


Of course, trucks do have their downsides; they can be trickier to manoeuvre due to their larger size, and their fuel efficiency isn’t as good as it could be. However, if the factors above sound appealing to you, these downsides are pretty easily overcome, so there’s no reason not to consider a truck the next time you’re buying a new vehicle.


Do you think you might be tempted to give a truck a try?




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