4 Tricks For Negotiating A Cheap Price On A Car

As soon as you step onto the forecourt of a car dealership, the salespeople will be there trying to make you spend more money than you want to. They’ll try every trick in the book to sell you an expensive car and even when you find the one you want, they’ll fight you on the price every step of the way. But if you know what you’re doing, you can win that battle and walk away with a car for the price that you wanted to pay. Just use these tips and tricks for getting a cheaper car.


Don’t Forget The Insurance


Even if you can get a reduced price on the car, you might still end up paying over the odds for insurance if you don’t pick well. Cars that are particularly powerful, or prone to breakdowns will cost a lot more to insure. That’s why you should always consider the price of the car insurance when you’re picking a car. When you’ve found one that you like, don’t sign anything just yet. Go home and look at some insurance companies to see how much they’re likely to charge you for it. Then you can make an informed decision and factor in all of the costs.


Don’t Haggle


Most people think that haggling is the key to getting a cheap deal when you’re buying a new car but that isn’t true. If you start haggling on the price, you put the power in their hands and they’ll use all sorts of tricks to make you think that they’re giving you a good deal when they aren’t. What you should do instead is give them your price up front and tell them that there’s no room for movement. Then it’s up to them to meet your price and if they want to make a sale, they usually will. If they give you a counter offer say no, leave them your number and go home.


Follow Up At The Weekend Near Closing Time


Most salespeople have weekly targets and if they’re not meeting them, they’ll be eager to make some more sales. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call them up on a Saturday or Sunday an hour before they close and ask them if they’ve reconsidered your office. If they’re not meeting targets for that week, it’ll be their last chance to make the sales they need so you’re in a position of power and they’ll probably meet your price. Buying a car at the right time is the best way to get a cheap deal.


Go To Multiple Car Lots


The most important thing is that you don’t back down. If you give them your price and then follow up at the right time, they may give in. But sometimes, if they’ve had a good week they might not be willing to do it. It might be tempting to fold and go with their counter offer but you shouldn’t. Just go to a different car lot and go through the process again. If you’re willing to wait, you can get a car for the price you want.


Salespeople can be pretty pushy so the key is to stand your ground and make sure that you always maintain a position of power.  




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