4 Tips on taking travel rest days to make the most of your vacation

Ahh the sweet whirlwind of a long-anticipated vacation. Hitting your wish list spots, cramming as many eats into a day as possible, staying up late and rising with the sun to pack as much as you can in a day…. On paper it sounds so glorious. The weeks before your flight spent trolling Pinterest and Instagram for the best spots, hidden gems and must-sees and all of a sudden you don’t even have five minutes to spare. But that’s okay right? It’s vacation. You WANT to be here so you will have unlimited energy to hit everything on your list… right?

The last thing on your mind is self-care. A day off? On vacation? Why would you need that? You’ll be strolling through cobbled streets in Rome, café-hopping in Paris, snorkeling in the Maldives. No emails, no stress, just bliss. Off the plane and into adventure! Sure. For the first three days. Then your feet hurt from all the walking you’re not used to doing. Your brain hurts from having to skip some spots due to logistics, your skin burns from being in the sun all day and your heart hurts because now you feel like you’ve come all this way just to waste it in bed for a day.


Plan to take a rest day

Here’s the trick. PLAN for these days. PLAN to have a day off once every four days, or every six days if it’s an extended trip. Your work week is broken up, so your vacation should be too. Adrenaline can only get you so far, trust me. Between my six month trips to Europe, month long stints in South America and up and downs to the USA, I’ve learned that the best way to manage my time and not get overwhelmed is to SCHEDULE rest days. Like work, like the gym, vacations take a lot out of you. So take a step back and breathe. Plan a day to sit in one spot, maybe treat yourself to a spa day if your budget allows. Rest up so that you can enjoy yourself to the max on the other days.

Replenish your skin while you rest

Pro-tip : having a rest days also allows you to catch up when you fall behind on your hitlist. Amp up the luxury by starting your day with these easy to pack sheet masks from Freeman Beauty (featuring offerings that moisturizer and replenish, brighten and hydrate, firm and freshen).

Keep things fresh while you’re on the go

Even on the go, a little break time freshen up can go a long way. Make sure to keep your day bag stocked with a lip balm (these Lypsyl ones come in fun flavors) , hand cream (bonus if you can grab something in a carry on size like this one from JR Watkins) and multi-purpose cleansing towelettes. I swear by my easy travel pack by JR Watkins which feature a sealable tab to keep the moisture locked in and prevent leaks.

Keep your body at its best

Make sure you don’t lose the benefits of those rest days by succumbing to low grade annoyances like sunburns bug bites or muscle cramps.  Always ensure you have sunscreen handy for face and body, and reapply liberally throughout the day.  We love this face sunscreen from Avene that’s won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin while providing super strong sun protection.If you find yourself somewhere tropical, this little insect repellent spray by Great Outdoors is a lifesaver. Take a day off from all that walking, if you can, and give your leg muscles an extra boost with Hylands Leg Cramps Homeopathic medication (always consult a doctor first).

Planning to have a rest day on a vacation might sound like a downer, but trust me! You will enjoy it so much more when you feel energized and rested. Happy travels!

Azra Gani

Azra Gani

Azra is a bonafide frequent flyer who's often approached for hot tips and local guides to the cities she's visited. To Az, the beauty of travel is that every city and experience is unique and ever changing. She loves to provide recommendations and rough itineraries to the cities she's been to, but as a rule, she encourages everyone to use them as a jumping point, and create their own adventure! Keep up with Az the travel addict on instagram (www.instagram.com/azzythetraveladdict) and get inspired to visit somewhere new today!