4 Factors You Need To Take Into Account When Buying Your Perfect Handbag

Handbags make the outfit is a saying that has been passed around generation after generation, and handy as can be if correctly chosen. They bring a sense of style and always a fashion perk to upgrade a wardrobe. Problem is – some of the ones on the market have all show and no go. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one and as far as that topic goes, there are a few handy little tips we would like to pass on to you! The handbag one carries is capable of more than you’d expect – flattering your body type, accentuating an outfit, and much more. Of course it’s important to remember about the right accessories in general – jewelry or a watch make a huge difference for your look, so make sure you search for the best options for you. There should be, for instance, plenty of great deals at World of Watches now available with Discountrue.com coupons that surely won’t disappoint you.


Moving on to the gist, we are going to list a few rules and tips to choose the one that will add the most benefit and fashion that a handbag is supposed to bring!


  1. Style: What is your style? Think in terms of casual, formal, sporty, practical, and even original, just to name a few. Take notice of others’ handbags that appeal to you, look at store windows – if the outfit is you,  mentally note the handbag that is placed with it. Think about color, pattern, and texture, even material; these are all very important. Then, add shoulder straps, clutch, or handles. And most important of all, is it practical for your life is the key question.


  1. Shape: This one is self-explanatory, and kind of has the same question asked as style, except we would add complementing your figure shape is the most vital factor in this category. If you’re tall and on the slim side you might choose a slouchy over the shoulder boho bag. On the other side, those who are shorter and sensually curvy, look for angles and straight lines in any style.


  1. Length: This one varies on so many levels, but the key rule here is to make sure that it is not being in your way, or making you feel uncomfortable. The other rule here is based on hip proportion: where the handbag lays is the part of the body that will be accentuated.


  1. Using the bag: This part is where logic and being practical come into play. How you use the purse is most relevant. If your handbag purpose is a mini suitcase that carries everything, or perhaps you like simple and straightforward, with few pockets and a place to put a only the key necessities. Then, there are the special occasions ones: formal, evening, and even sporty. These tend to sleek, ornamental, and one purpose usage only, say for example ” an evening at the opera”.

So there you have it ladies, next time you’re about to buy your next bag, you’ll know exactly what to think about first. Happy Shopping!



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