Addicted Inspirations: Ted Ngoy aka “The Donut King”

Inspirations come from all over the world and all walks of life. Some rise quickly, and others have a more tumultuous road of success and failure.

If you’re anything like this weeks Addicted Inspiration,  Ted Ngoy, you’ve risen and fallen three times in your career, and after you’ve got it right the third time, you share your story on paper.

So, Le’s start at the beginning.

Arriving from Southeast Asia to Southern California penniless with his wife and small children, Ngoy immediately set out to find a job, working at the church sponsoring his family’s stay and as a gas station attendant. After a stint at Winchell’s, a donut shop across the street from the gas station, Ngoy became determined to open his own donut shop. Less than a decade later he owned dozens of them. Ngoy was a multimillionaire at the helm of an empire of independent donut shops, earning himself the title, “The Donut King.”



Then his unparalleled success came to a screeching halt. Plagued with an addiction to gambling, Ngoy’s ritual trips to Las Vegas left him penniless and homeless. However, his story is one of survival and steadfast spirit, fostering his tenacious fortitude as he navigated the seemingly cyclical road from poor to rich.


In his new memoir, The Donut King: The Rags to Riches Story of a Poor Immigrant Who Changed the World, Ngoy shares his fascinating rise and fall—not one, but three separate times.

As someone who has also fought addiction and rose out of the ashes of his own making, the Donut King’s story or determination and grit, speaks to me so personally, and really is something that is sure to force you into reflecting on your own path and choices.


The Donut King is now out, so you too can get the whole story of the rise and fall story of struggle and success that is sure to intrigue and inspire.



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