New Music: RALPH “September Fades”

I have a lovely friend named Dondrea, who is a music supervisor, thus, I follow her as she shares lots of great music, some of it Canadian, most of it amazing, and last summer she shared some music from a fellow Torontonian named RALPH.

From the first listen I was hooked. It was fun, energetic, deep, yet smooth and light, her music has this amazing balance that seems to transcend boundaries and thus make it widely appealing.

Not surprisingly over the past year since I started listening and considering myself a fan, RALPH has seen a quick rise into the spotlight since then, thanks in part to her strong debut EP.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Ralph last year in the cutest interaction where we both ended up gushing over each other at the Roots party, which of course made me forever love her even more! Well, that, and her fantastic musical offering!

Speaking of which, she has a new album coming out this year, and just dropped a new single and video of her latest, “September Fades”, which I wouldn’t be surprised if this cool, catchy new age throwback doesn’t become her biggest hit yet.



Have a watch and listen for yourself below:


Over here at ADDICTED, we can’t wait to preview the whole album and report back, until then, enjoy the music and September Fades.


For more on RALPH visit her pages today on Facebook & Twitter.



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