3 Things Your Side Hustle Should Be Doing Come Black Friday

Black Friday is literally just around the corner, and many businesses are already capitalizing off this time of the year. Some businesses decide to have a Black Friday weekend, others decide to have a week – others advertise sales throughout the entire month! Below, you’ll find 3 things that your side hustle should be doing come Black Friday if you want it to take off:


Running Competitions

Start by running a competition or two to get people hyped up about your deals. It’s really easy to run competitions online. You could ask people to like, share, and comment, which will further extend your reach, or you could simply get them to sign up on your site after answering a question. Competitions are a wonderful way of increasing your audience and reach and getting people excited about your business.


Coming Up With Attractive Deal Ideas

Make sure you know what sort of deals you will be running for the Black Friday event, and how long you will be running them for. Maybe you’ll offer a third off on Black Friday, but on the last day of your sale, you decide to cut some things by half. Of course, this might seem too much – it’s just an example of something you could decide to do. Black Friday could give many people a reason to try your products/services.


Spreading The Word About Your Deals

Make sure you’re spreading the word about your deals. Send out email campaigns, and don’t forget about PPC. You can learn more about getting started with the infographic below.

credit to Learning Management Systems PPC Guide Infographic

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