Why not bring out the Gentleman

What is a gentleman, well according to my grandfather it’s someone who treats other with the same respect they wish to be treated, it’s about stadning up for yourself and the people around you, it’s about knowing what is good, what is great, and what is superb;

A gentleman, puts the extra effort in, walks the extra mile, and looks put together and polished through every step.

Enter, The Gentleman’s Collection.

The Gentleman’s Collection, which is available in liquor retailers nationally from September, consists of a masculine, yet easy drinking red wine suitable for the discerning modern gentleman.

The Gentleman’s Collection was inspired by a true gentleman of the winemaking world; Dr. Henry J Lindeman. An upstanding man of formidable character and an Australian winemaking pioneer, Dr. Lindeman founded Lindeman’s in 1843 and quickly established a reputation for making quality table wines. A doctor by trade, he set his sights on civilising the hard-­‐drinking colony of 1800s Australia by introducing them to more gentlemanly pursuits; mainly the enjoyment of a refined drink.

This quest for a more cultured wine experience continues today; the new Gentleman’s Collection offers a Cabernet Sauvignon fit for the gentleman who is, and the gentleman who wishes to be. The Gentleman’s Collection comes complete with a set of ‘rules’ on the bottle that provide a helpful guide to chivalry and integrity in the modern era.

Here are the details:

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Check out this perfect video promo from their latest campaign:


So next time your thinking, what would a gentleman drink in the way of wine, you know you can go for The Gentleman’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon.



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