Transat Travel Hacks

Travel hacks are all the rage right now, which means there are lots of really inventive ideas that are making their way to you and me since they can save time, energy, or in these cases, keep you fed at the drop of a hat.

I have to admit for myself, I have made a grilled cheese in a hotel with the iron, it was awesome. We made sure to test out the other suggestions as well and voila, we had some delicious oatmeal and some pretty great pancakes.

Food Travel Hacks Approved by Addicted; but these aren’t the only great tips and tricks from Transat. Trust us, they have more ideas in store.

Tarmac by Transat is a video series that brings useful tips and quick insights into the world of travel that will inspire travellers for their next vacation.

“This capsule has all the tricks for a quick meal done well when there are no restaurants in sight. From breakfast all the way to dinner, your hotel room has everything you need.”

It sure does!





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