Urbery: Groceries right to your door

Living in Toronto, our lives can be pretty busy, so doing all the day to day errands that we need to do can really get in the way of a 70/80 hour work week, and thus most of the time when you go to the grocery store it’s really just a race to grab as much as you are willing to carry and head home with enough to get you through the next couple days, but what if someone could shop for you?


Say hello to Urbery.

Urbery is the brand new app that allows you too shop for all your groceries at the touch of a button. Simply choose what you want, your runner or “Grocery Guru” then takes your order and shops for everything that you need while updating you of their status along the way.


With a huge variety of food, and grocery store products and a 2-hour turn around time, you can choose just what you want from your favourite grocery store, and have it delivered right when you want it. Not only that, you can also order alcohol, that’s right if you’re like me, you can have your cake, and eat it too, with a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.02.45 PM


The key advantages:


You get delivery from any of your favourite grocery stores, not just Longo’s (like Grocery Gateway) PLUS alcohol delivery (unlike competitors)
Delivery is same day (within 2 hours!), or later if preferred
Your Grocery Guru shops the way you want, and communicates with you through your smartphone while shopping to make sure all your preferences are met (ie. you want only ripe avocados or bread that was freshly baked today)
Grocery Gurus are put through a comprehensive background check, with a zero tolerance policy.


Safe, secure and oh so easy, Urbery is revolutionizing the way we shop, and I don’t know about you, but I’m fine with skipping the shop to have what I want delivered right to my door, and who wouldn’t.


If that’s not enough, we want you to try it out for yourself today. Download the app or visit their website and use code STAYINGIN to get $25 off their first order over $65 (not applicable to alcohol again due to AGCO rules and restrictions).


Happy not shopping!




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